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Former JD(U) leader RCP Singh (Photo:ANI)
Former JD(U) leader RCP Singh (Photo:ANI)

"JD(U) will merge with RJD", claims RCP Singh, slams Nitish Kumar over switching alliances

ANI | Updated: Aug 18, 2022 18:58 IST

Chapra (Bihar) [India], August 18 (ANI): Former JD(U) leader RCP Singh on Thursday slammed Chief Minister Nitish Kumar for repeatedly changing alliances and claimed that Janata Dal (United) will merge with Lalu Prasad Yadav-led Rashtriya Janata Dal in near future, adding that the youth of Bihar needs to come together to free the State from the mismatched alliance of both the parties.
"How many more times will he (Nitish Kumar) switch sides? He has already done that four times - in 1994, 2013, 2017 and 2022," Singh said.
"It's certain. What option do they have?..," he added when asked if JD(U) will merge with the RJD.
"It is certain that JD(U) will merge with RJD. It is the need of the hour that the youth of Bihar comes together to free the state from the mismatched alliance of both the parties and to save Bihar from destruction,' he added.
"The countdown of the end of JD(U) has begun with my exit from the party. Under Nitish Kumar, the party has sat in the lap of the RJD,' he added.
Singh, who quit the JD(U) earlier this month, said that he will travel across Bihar and take the decision if he would join hands with the BJP.
"Right now I am on the road. Workers have called me. I will travel across Bihar, and a decision will be taken after discussions with workers," the former JD(U) leader said.

Earlier, Nitish Kumar had criticised former union minister RCP Singh who recently quit Janata Dal (United) and said he "messed up" a lot though the party gave him responsible positions.
"Unhone Bahaut gadbad kiya (he messed up a lot). Who knew him before? I catapulted him to new heights. I gave him my place as party chief in 2020. Important responsibilities were given. We gave him a lot of respect. When he became a minister at the Centre, we asked him to quit the party chief post and gave it to Lalan ji. He has hurt the sentiments of people in the party by his statements," Kumar told to reporters here.
JD (U) had issued a show-cause notice to RCP Singh over him and his family "amassing vast immovable property from 2013 to 2022" and "many discrepancies" have come to light.
Kumar, who resigned as Chief Minister leaving the BJP-led NDA earlier this month and again forged ties with RJD, said that he conveyed that there should be four ministers from JD-U in the central government but that demand was not met.
"How many people from Bihar did they (BJP) make a Minister at Centre? I told them to make our people ministers too. I asked for four ministers from our party. They did not give," Kumar said.
Asked about the reason for breaking the alliance with BJP, Nitish Kumar took potshots at the party's former ally.
"We had discussions in our party, it was people's wish. Even during polls, winning candidates said nobody from BJP supported them and losing candidates said they were defeated by BJP people. I had to keep my party safe and act as per people's wish," Kumar said. (ANI)