Joint Naga Civil Society vows to intensify Agitation as 48-hour ultimatum lapses

| Updated: Dec 17, 2016 17:09 IST

New Delhi [India], Dec. 17 (ANI): The Joint Naga Civil Societies (CJNCSD) on Friday vows to intensify the agitation and asserts that nothing short of total separation from the State of Manipur would resolve the Naga issue. CJNCSD decries the forcible inauguration of Kangpokpi, Jiribam and Tengnaopal as new districts despite the staunch opposition from the Nagas and consequently appeals UNC to convene Naga people's convention to declare the Naga areas in Manipur a separate statehood and run the existing institutions as per the Naga customary law and practices. "CJNCSD invokes all the Tribal Hohos to burn down every Manipuri textbook and appeals them to notify every educational institution for immediate termination of Manipuri/meiteilon as the medium of instruction in schools. CJNCSD further implores all the Tribal Hohos to henceforth boycott any posting or deputation of any valley-based Government employees to any Government institutions in the Naga areas," said a statement issued by the society. CJNCSD also took a jibe at the deliberate silence of the Centre in creating the seven new districts in Manipur which very act amounts to redrawing of Naga boundaries without any constitutional mandate and jurisdiction. It also questions if the Centre's sole intention is to retract the August 3, 2015 Framework Agreement by deploying additional armed forces in aid of the unconstitutional and anti-Naga policies of Ibobi Government. CJNCSD questions the wisdom of Manipur Government as to how it expects UNC to call off the ongoing agitation prior to the release of the two UNC leaders and recalls the formation of the new seven districts. "CJNCSD states that the state government's project not only disrespects the aspiration of the Nagas, but also insults the Naga people beyond tolerance and the Nagas will resort to any democratic means of protest available in defending their land, identity and culture as land and the Nagas are inseparable." (ANI)