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Union Power Minister RK Singh (Photo/ANI)
Union Power Minister RK Singh (Photo/ANI)

Kartikeya Singh should be removed from Bihar cabinet, Nitish Kumar should apologise: Union Minister RK Singh

ANI | Updated: Aug 17, 2022 22:26 IST

New Delhi [India], Aug 17 (ANI): Union Minister for Power and Renewable Energy RK Singh on Wednesday attacked Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar over the induction of Kartikeya Singh in his cabinet and said the RJD legislator has been made law minister though he faces an arrest warrant in a kidnapping case.
He said the Chief Minister should apologise to people over the induction. He alleged there's "Jungle Raj Part-2 in Bihar".
"We are also from Bihar and we are ashamed. Jungle raj part-2 is back in Bihar. Should Law Minister be an absconder and that too in the case of kidnapping? How has Kartikeya Singh been made law minister who is the right hand of Anant Singh, who is a don?
"The Chief Minister doesn't know (of Singh's cases) is this worth believing? Does the Chief Minister know Anant Singh for a very long time or not?" he asked.
R K Singh, who is MP from Arrah, said Nitish Kumar has taken an oath to maintain law and order and to uphold the constitution.

"He should apologize to people. Kartikeya Singh should be removed from the cabinet," RK Singh said.
He said Nitish Kumar had broken off his alliance with BJP and gone back to a "corrupt party".
"What will you do for power," he asked.
He also took a dig at talk of Nitish Kumar being among possible choices of opposition in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.
The union minister said JD-U is the number three party in Bihar in terms of the number of MLAs.
"Will Congress make him a (prime ministerial) candidate? Will KCR make him a candidate? There are only speculations," he said. (ANI)