KCR wants Telangana villages to be `self-sufficient, self-governed, self-reliant`

| Updated: Dec 24, 2016 00:13 IST

Hyderabad (Telangana)[India], Dec. 23(ANI): Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao on Friday said that all villages in the state should become self-sufficient, self-governed and self-reliant, adding that Eravelli and Narasampet villages are moving towards this direction and all the other villages in the state should take this as an example and achieve an all round development. "Eravelli and Narasampet villages are on the path to become model villages. They will become self-governed, self-sufficient and self reliant in all aspects. These villages will not dependent on anyone and the people should make this as a reality," Rao said while inaugurating Kalyana Mandapam at Eravelli village. The Chief Minister, who declared Eravelli and Narasampet villages as cashless transactions villages, distributed swiping machines in the villages. Rao visited the houses of Tondur Ramachander in Eravelli village and Bhookala Parvathalu Yadav in Narasampet villages and congratulated them. He took the opportunity to move around both the villages and interacted with the people and personally inquired about their well-being. Ministers T Harish Rao, A Indrakaran Reddy, Deputy Speaker Padma Devender Reddy, ZP Chairperson Rajamani Murali Yadav, MPs K Prabhakar Reddy, P Srinivas Reddy, Principal Secretary (Housing) Chitra Ramachandran, District Collector Venkatram Reddy, Joint Collector Hanumanth Rao and others participated in the programme. Addressing a public meeting, Rao said, "For the first time, under the leadership of Minister T Harish Rao, in the Siddipet Assembly Constituency, Ibrahimpur was declared as the first cashless villages in the state. Taking inspiration from Ibrahimpur, Eravelli and Narasampet villages have also become cashless." "This cashless model should extend all the villages in the State and Telangana should become number one State in the country in cashless transactions. I urge people to make this experiment, a success," he added. "People in these villages should help to make these villages as a training ground for achieving our dream of Bangaru Telangana. We have achieved unity among the people. Persons who refused to budge an inch from their land have sacrificed hundreds of square yards to make the double bed room house scheme a success. They have sacrificed their piece of land for others' benefit. There is lot of awareness among the people now," Rao further said. The Chief Minister said the government will organise a mass lunch one day where all meet and discuss other issues. "There is a need to construct more houses. There are some left over works to be completed. We will work hard and do Srama Daan (voluntary labour) to complete these works. I once again, thank people from Eravelli and Narasampet villages and representatives of these villages," Rao said. (ANI)