Kejriwal sciences critics, claims 'honest' AAP doesn't spare wrongdoers

| Updated: Sep 01, 2016 20:50 IST

New Delhi, [India], Sept. 1 (ANI): Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday attempted to downplay the sex CD row surrounding his ex-Cabinet colleague Sandeep Kumar and claimed that the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), which is the nation's biggest hope, does not spare willful wrongdoers. Kejriwal said that he would prefer to forfeit his party but never tolerate corruption and wrongful activities, as the AAP does not believe in hiding flaws of its members. "AAP is the biggest hope for the nation. Other parties defend themselves. For example many cases of corruption have been filed against Shivraj Singh Chouhan under the Vyapam scam, and numerous murders took place , but the BJP is trying its level best to save him , they will not sack him. Second is Vasundhara Raje, she has been accused in the mining scam and Lalitgate but the BJP is busy putting a veil on her misdeeds," said Kejriwal. "Similarly, Dr Raman Singh has been accused under the PDS scam. He is has committed a wrong deed in a helicopter deal but again no action has been taken by the BJP in this regard. Anandiben Patel has been accused of giving an expensive land worth Rs. 50 lakhs for just Rs 60,000 to her daughter," he added. Kejriwal also used the opportunity to blame opposition parties in Punjab, which goes to polls next year. "Congress has various scams in its kitty. Captain Amarinder Singh's Swiss bank accounts got exposed but what did the Congress do? Instead of expelling him, it made him the in-charge of Punjab," said Kejriwal. "The whole of Punjab knows that Majithia is in the drug selling business, but the Akalis are not acting against him. There is pact between the Congress and Akalis that whosoever comes into power will save the others. But the AAP does not do this, if I can act against my own minister then you can think what actions I will take against other defaulters," he added. Commenting on Kumar's " misdeeds", Kejriwal said that his former Cabinet colleague has betrayed the party and the people of Delhi. "Yesterday I received a CD in which one of my Cabinet Minister Sandeep Kumar ji has been caught in the middle of a wrongful act. We immediately removed him from the Cabinet. This whole episode has immensely saddened me," said Kejriwal. "A lot of hard work has gone behind the making of this party, which is a movement. Many people gave up their jobs and business. Not only them but their families also sacrificed a lot. When they see that a man who after becoming a minster commits such a shameful act, they feel that he has betrayed this whole movement. Though he has been removed from his post, the party is yet to take action against him," he added. Kejriwal said that Sandeep Kumar was a "rotten fish" which was immediately removed after its illness came to light. "I want to tell all that when we give our party tickets to someone, we interrogate about that person at three levels. We get his or her image verified, see if he has not done any crime or scandal but in the end nobody has it engraved on their foreheads that they are good or bad. But yes one thing is there in the AAP which is missing in other parties, we take immediate action against the wrongdoers if we have evidence substantiating their crime," he said. "I have taken action against four of my party men, I feel sad that such people were amongst us. I received this CD at 8, by 8.30 I had sacked Sandeep. And I am proud of that we in AAP are prepared to die, but not compromise with a wrong. I am sad that there was a rotten fish in our pond but we threw it out the moment we got to know about its illness. We in AAP do not spare willful wrongdoers. I even urge Manish Sisodia to take action against me if I am caught doing any wrong and if even Manish Sisodia commits a foul act he will also be not spared," he added in his video message to the people. Sandeep Kumar, who was sacked yesterday for allegedly featuring in a CD which shows him in a 'compromising position with two women', has denied that the person in the controversial video was him and that he was bearing the brunt for being a Dalit and poor. Demanding an investigation into the matter, Sandeep Kumar said the action taken against him has been foul and dubbed the CD episode as a hoax , asserting that a conspiracy was being hatched against him. "I am paying the price for being a Dalit. I am not the person in that video. Investigation must be done about the video. Like Eklavya was pulled down, people from our community rise when some plot is hatched to destroy us," said Kumar. "The plot was hatched ever since I installed Dr Ambedkar's statue. It is because I am poor and a Dalit," he added. A CD featuring Sandeep Kumar was delivered to Delhi Chief Minister Kejriwal's home yesterday at eight in the evening . Half-an-hour later, he tweeted that he was sacking the minister. According to reports, the CD shows Sandeep Kumar in a 'compromising position with two women'. It also had 11 photographs. Elected from Sultanpur Majra, 34-year-old Kumar was the youngest minister in Kejriwal's original cabinet, after the Aam Aadmi Party was voted to power in February 2015. He had won the rural constituency with a margin of 64,439 votes. (ANI)