Gorakhpur MP Ravi Kishan
Gorakhpur MP Ravi Kishan

Kejriwal will adopt every religion to win polls: Ravi Kishan on CM reciting Hanuman Chalisa

ANI | Updated: Feb 04, 2020 18:58 IST

New Delhi [India], Feb 4 (ANI): BJP MP Ravi Kishan on Tuesday attacked Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal for suddenly reading Hanuman Chalisa, saying that Kejriwal will "adopt every religion till February 8", the day of elections in Delhi.
He said that it was the "fear of losing elections" that made Kejriwal recite Hanuman Chalisa.
Speaking to ANI, Ravi Kishan said, "A few days ago Arvind Kejriwal was feeding biryani to the protesters in Shaheen Bagh, and now suddenly he has remembered that he is a Hindu. You cannot fool Hanumanji by suddenly reading Hanuman Chalisa."
"By February 7 he might even be seen in a Gurudwara or Parsi temple. He will take up every religion till February 8," he added.
"Earlier, Kejriwal was able to fool the people of Bihar and UP living in Delhi and won the elections. Now, whether he reads Hanuman Chalisa or hangs himself upside down from a tree, he will definitely lose the election. This time the Purvanchalis and the Delhiites want the BJP in Delhi. The BJP's 20 years of vanvaas is now going to be over. With BJP in Delhi, the Central schemes will finally be implemented in Delhi," he added.
The actor-turned-politician also requested the protesters in Shaheen Bagh to fully understand the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).
"I request the protesters in Shaheen Bagh to understand the fact that CAA is meant to give nationality to persecuted people. The lives and property of Muslims will remain safe."
He also alleged that vote bank politics is being played by those who are spreading misconceptions about CAA.
"I believe that 99 per cent of the Shaheen Bagh protesters don't know the issue. I request the protesters to take into consideration the problems being faced by other people. Further, I want them to meet Prime Minister and Home Minister to understand the CAA," he added. (ANI)