Kejriwal's political game is dangerous: Harsimrat Kaur Badal

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

Bhatinda (Punjab) [India], Feb. 4 (ANI): As Punjab went to polls today, Harsimrat Kaur Badal, Union Cabinet Minister of Food Processing and Member of Parliament from Bathinda, launched a strong worded attack on Aam Aadmi Party (AAP)-supremo Arvind Kejriwal accusing him of rubbing shoulders with 'radical organisations' like Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) and Khalistani Commando Force. Harsimrat also dubbed Kejriwal's political agenda as 'dangerous' and said he would bring Punjab to the same condition that Delhi is in. "Kejriwal's political game is dangerous because not only does he mint money from the people, but also from organisations like ISI and he has partnered with the radical organisations of states like ours. He had breakfast on January 4 with Babbar Khalsa's front which is a terrorist organisation. After that, their 'drunkard' MP urged the people for violence; he asked to throw bricks, stones. And just two days after that, it was reported that the memebrs of their party threw stones at the Police Force and were arrested," she said. "After two days, the Chief Minister was attacked by a supporter of the AAP. After the whole election process began, Kejriwal on January 27 went and stayed with the head of Khalistani Commando Force who had been boycotted from the nation. Within six days, a blast shocked Maur Mandi. Six innocent people were killed. Since the Congress has brought the AAP in Punjab, the social threadbare of the society has just gone from bad to worse," she added. She also said the nexus that Kejriwal made with the radical organisations has destroyed the peace of the state. "The main accused in the Guru Granth Saahib attack case joined the AAP a few days back. The nexus that Kejriwal made with the radical organisations has destroyed the peace of the state. Till date, the Congress used to do this. Now, the AAP has joined them. The target of both parties is SAD, not each other. They have been targetting only Badal, Sukhbir and Majithia. They will bring Punjab to the same condition that Delhi is in," she added. Harsimrat continued shooting down daggers at Congress' Capt. Amarinder Singh too and said his politics has always centered around vote-bank. "The history speaks for itself. He goes to the people only when he needs votes, make false promises, accuses others and forms a government. He belongs to the party of Indira Gandhi who made a canal in the state to give water to other states. Can he order the closing of the 'nahar'? He cannot. Because all the Congressmen are mere puppets in hands of Sonia Gandhi," she said. Harsimrat also accused the Congress and the AAP to have worked in synchrony in order to overthrow the Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD)-Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government in the state. "If Singh's politics centers around votes, Kejriwal's revolves around notes. In the Parliament House, the Congress doesn't speak as much as Bhagwant Mann. He always asks to help the Congress in one way or the other. Even in Punjab Assembly, when the cotton crop went bad, they provoked public sentiment against the government," he said. "Their promises are fake. When Kejriwal hasn't been able to do anything in the three years of his government in Delhi, what will he be able to do in Punjab? And Capt. Amarinder Singh wasn't able to do anything substantial for the state in the government they held in the state for five years before us," he added. The SAD leader even drew a parallel between the stormy weather and the political environment in the state. "As you can see the weather is bad in Punjab. The weather is also bad for people who have not left even a stone unturned in destroying the peace and harmony of the state," he said. "They tried to mislead people using false slogans. The candidates who are fighting against Sukhbir Badal were given the responsibility of other constituencies and they are sitting here. The winds in Punjab will sweep away all these liars, who indulge in petty politics and the government that has been in the state for 10 years will continue," he added. Expressing confidence in the SAD-BJP alliance in the state, Harsimrat said the government believes in peace, development and the welfare of the people. "I am more than 100 percent of Parkash Singh Badal's victory. Our opposing parties don't have any agenda other than falsely accusing us. Captain Amarinder Singh betrayed the people of Amritsar as its representative in the Parliament. Then he went to betray the people of Patiala. Now, he has come to backstab the people of Lambi," she said. "We need the same government as the centre to help us in development and in issue of SYL and I am sure people will vote wisely," she added. Punjab polled for the assembly elections today, in which the people voted for 117 legislative seats. (ANI)