Puducherry CM V Narayansamy speaking at a press conference in New Delhi on Wednesday (Photo/ANI)
Puducherry CM V Narayansamy speaking at a press conference in New Delhi on Wednesday (Photo/ANI)

Kiran Bedi behaves like dictator, HC decision slap on her and Modi govt: V Narayanasamy

ANI | Updated: May 01, 2019 19:39 IST

New Delhi (India), May 1 (ANI): Puducherry’s Lieutenant Governor Kiran Bedi started behaving like a dictator and almost ran a parallel government when she assumed power, said Chief Minister V Narayanasamy on Wednesday.
"Three years ago, when Bedi was just appointed as the administrator of Puducherry by the BJP government, she started interfering in the day-to-day administration of the government. She was calling officers to her residence for review meetings without the knowledge of the CM. It was almost like she was running a parallel government,” said Narayanasamy at a press conference.
The chief minister also targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi for not helping the opposition-ruled states when contacted by the leaders. He alleged that in Arunachal Pradesh, Goa and other states, the BJP had resorted to unconstitutional and unethical means to topple the opposition-ruled governments.
"The Central government's ideology was imposed on the states ruled by the opposition parties. It was BJP’s method of destabilizing the opposition parties. In Arunachal Pradesh, Goa, Manipur, the Central government tried to lure, purchase MLAs of the Congress,” he said.
Talking about issues he faced with Bedi, he said: "I've been facing administrative problems because the administrator was vetoing the decisions of the cabinet, not allowing the government to implement the policies and programmes, withholding the files."
He said the matter was then taken to the Chennai High Court, which passed the decision on Tuesday.
"The parliamentary secretary to chief minister moved a petition in Chennai High Court mentioning the basic principles of democracy. Senior counsel P Chidambaram appeared on our behalf. The judgment came out yesterday, in which the fundamental principles were upheld by the court. The judgment said the elected government should run the day to day administration of the state.”
He said the court's decision further added, "The administrator has no power to interfere in the running of the government and the administrator has no independent power. He should also not become an obstructionist and the administrator is bound by the cabinet decision and they should co-operate with the government for the purpose of development."
Terming it a historic judgment, the chief minister said: "This is a historic judgment. It is a slap on the face of Modi government and the administrator Kiran Bedi, who has been behaving in an erratic manner, flouting all constitutional norms and trying to usurp the powers of the elected govt. It is a victory for my people." (ANI)