BJP leader KS Radhakrishnan speaking to ANI in Kochi
BJP leader KS Radhakrishnan speaking to ANI in Kochi

Kodiyeri Balakrishnan was afraid of being probed so he resigned: Kerala BJP vice president

ANI | Updated: Nov 14, 2020 00:39 IST

Kochi (Kerala) [India], November 14 (ANI): After Kerala CPI (M) state secretary Kodiyeri Balakrishnan stepped down from his post, BJP leader KS Radhakrishnan on Friday said the "unexpected" resignation could be because the Polit Bureau member was afraid of being probed by authorities after his son Bineesh was booked by the Enforcement Directorate in Bengaluru over money laundering charges liked to a drugs case.
"Enforcement Directorate has already conducted a raid at Balakrishnan's residence. He has been staying there with his son. So naturally, I think that he was afraid of getting probed by the authorities. That may be the reason for an unexpected submission of the resignation," Radhakrishnan said.
"A political party cannot face the allegations of the son of the very powerful secretary related to the gold smuggling, hawala dealing, money laundering and the nasty narcotic business. No political party can tolerate such a secretary," he said.
Radhakrishnan said that Kodiyeri had been removed from the position of the secretary because if it was a normal resignation or withdrawal from the position he holds, it should have been done earlier.
The BJP leader further said that Kodiyeri will be booked in connection with the gold smuggling case as it being alleged that he was in touch with accused Swapna Suresh.

"In the past, he availed leave on two occasions to go abroad to get treatment for his ailment. It is unbelievable, because of the very fact that his son has already been booked by ED for the dirty narcotic business and he is closely linked to the gold smuggling case which is being probed by the various central agencies. And it is understood that the persons who are near and dear to him should be questioned to get more details for the ED and NCB," he said.
"I think that he also will be booked in connection with the gold smuggling. There is an allegation that he was in touch with Swapna Suresh when she started her career as a smuggling agent. And Sivasankar was under his command. And he had undue influence on almost all the ministers being the son of a secretary of a very powerful political organisation like CPI (M)," he added.
The gold smuggling case, which is currently being probed by the ED, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) and the Customs Department, pertains to the smuggling of gold in the state through diplomatic channels.
The matter had come to light after 30 kg gold worth Rs 14.82 crores, smuggled in a diplomatic cargo, was busted by the Customs in Thiruvananthapuram on July 5.
According to the CPIM Party statement, Kodiyeri Balakrishnan was granted a leave of absence from his post as he needs further medical treatment. (ANI)