Kolkata: Commandos deployed in metro stations to tackle threat

| Updated: Apr 06, 2017 03:04 IST

Kolkata (West Bengal) [India], Apr. 5 (ANI): To protect the Kolkata metro from threats, a special team of 30 commandos has been deployed in every metro station from today. "The purpose behind this is to ensure security in the metro and to deal with the threat. It will also help to provide sense of safety and security. This metro commando team has been trained and today they have been finally deployed," Senior Commandant, Munawar Khan told ANI. Khan said that a perception of threat was always there as Kolkata Metro is a vital installation. The passengers seem very much happy with the posting of the commandos and said that this was very much needed. "The security was very much needed. The initiative taken by the government is very helpful and we look forward how helpful it is going to be,' said Bushra a passenger. Another passenger added that proper security is an essential need and is required not only in Kolkata but all over the country. (ANI)