Locals rescue soldiers: Celebrate such acts of humanity, acknowledge it, says PDP

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

Srinagar (Jammu and Kashmir) [India], Oct. 10 (ANI): After the Indian Army thanked local residents for rescuing some of their soldiers whose truck met with an accident near Srinagar yesterday, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) spokesperson, Waheed-ur-Rehman Para, said on Monday that there is a need for the nation to celebrate such acts of humanity, acknowledge it and promote it so that a sense of pride is inculcated in the youth of Kashmir. "We should celebrate such acts of humanity, acknowledge it and promote it so that the youth of Kashmir feel proud doing such acts of humanity. I think this is what 'Kashmiriyat' and 'Insaaniyat' is all about," Para told ANI. "This is a small incident, where you can see that 'Kashmiriyat' is still alive in Kashmir and the spirit of 'insaaniyat' is there among youth, but we should celebrate it and should not take it as an insult," he said. The PDP spokesperson, however, said it was not the first incident, as there have been many instances in the past in the urban and rural areas of Kashmir of such help being provided, but they unfortunately remained unreported. "Here the national media should take responsibility. The Kashmiri people have spirit of 'Kashmiriyat' and 'insaaniyat', which is not reflected in the national media, which plays a very important role. If we have to bring Kashmiri people closer to the rest of the nation, then only the national media can do this. When we take any initiative, the media don't support us," said Para. "The image of the Kashmiri youth is that they are anti-national, anti-India elements and pro-violence. To correct that image, such incidents should be projected by the national media before the entire nation, which will bring people closer. We should celebrate such activities of humanity," the PDP leader added. The truck, ferrying 12 soldiers, overturned in Lasjan near Srinagar when it was on its way to B.B. Cantt. Local residents rushed to the spot and evacuated the army personnel by lining up a tipper near the truck. "The Indian Army thanked the locals, who helped and rescued them, especially women," said army sources. (ANI)