Ludhiana: Police says murderer drank victim's blood, ate his flesh

| Updated: Jan 21, 2017 16:53 IST

Ludhiana (Punjab) [India], Jan. 21 (ANI): The police on Friday arrested a 16-year-old boy for murdering a nine-year-old and then eating his flesh. The accused, identified as Vikesh Kumar confessed he killed the boy Deepu to eat his flesh, told the police. As per police, the initial plan of the accused was to demand a ransom, but foreseeing failure of his plan, he ended up murdering the victim. After murdering the victim, he ate flesh from his thigh and drank his blood. Police also informed that he told he had removed the victim's heart from his body and thrown it on the premises of his school here, with the intention of bringing ill-reputation to it. He confessed he never liked going to school and thus, he thought of doing so that the school gets closed. The heart was recovered by the police from the school compound. As per cops, the accused had some psychiatric problem due to which he used to eat raw meat. On January 17, the accused lured Deepu with a kite string and took him to his home where he strangulated him. He then cut the victim's body into pieces, washed them, put them in a sack and left it a vacant plot, around 50 meters away from the victim's residence. (ANI)