Congress Maharashtra chief Balasaheb Thorat speaking to media persons on Thursday. Photo/ANI
Congress Maharashtra chief Balasaheb Thorat speaking to media persons on Thursday. Photo/ANI

Maharashtra: BJP responsible for the mess, says Cong leader Balasaheb Thorat

ANI | Updated: Nov 07, 2019 21:32 IST

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], Nov 7 (ANI): Congress Maharashtra chief Balasaheb Thorat on Thursday said that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) was responsible for the prevailing uncertainty surrounding the formation of government in the state.
Speaking to media persons, Balasaheb Thorat said, "BJP is responsible for all this mess. They could not convince their own ally and could not keep their promises."
Thorat spoke after a delegation of the BJP met the governor earlier today.
"We thought they would meet the Governor and form the government but we don't know when their 'good news' will come. We are waiting for their 'good news' as they say it," he said.
"Has BJP started any maternity home that they are saying about giving 'good news every day," asked Thorat.
Accusing BJP of contacting MLAs of other parties, Thorat said, "BJP has started contacting MLAs (of other parties), their policy of 'Saam Daam Dand Bhed' (by hook or crook) had started even before the elections."
Taking a jibe at Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, NCP State Chief Jayant Patil tweeted, " 'I Live my words'. Man, who does such branding for himself could not keep his words for his 25 years old ally. The one who could not keep his words for such an old ally, how would he keep his words to the people of Maharashtra?"
Along with the tweet, Patil attached a video clip of where Fadnavis had announced about equal distribution of powers between Shiv Sena and Bhartiya Janata Party.
In the recently concluded assembly elections, BJP won 105 seats while Shiv Sena bagged 56 seats in the 288-member Maharashtra Assembly.
Even after getting the required numbers to form the government, there has been a delay in cobbling up a coalition as Shiv Sena has insisted that the two parties had a '50-50' power-sharing agreement before the elections. (ANI)