Mainpuri Dalit couple murder: Akhilesh Govt. assures speedy justice to victim's kin

| Updated: Jul 29, 2016 14:17 IST

New Delhi, July 29 (ANI): The Samajwadi Party on Friday condemned the brutal killing of Dalit couple, who was axed to death by a shopkeeper in Lakhmipur village of Uttar Pradesh's Mainpuri district for alleged non-payment of Rs. 15, and said that the state government will leave no stone unturned to ensure that justice is delivered to the family at the earliest. Speaking to ANI, Samajwadi Party leader Gaurav Bhatia also advised the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) to refrain from politicising the issue and not to think about mere votes. "It is most unfortunate that a person is killed for a small amount of money. We condemn it and the state government will leave no stone unturned to ensure that justice is delivered to the family of the victims at the earliest. Investigation would be done at great speed to ensure that justice is not delayed," Bhatia said. "I heard that a BSP spokesperson is again trying to politicise the issue. I would only request them that there are moments when they should not stoop to petty politics and should not think of votes. Rather, they should think of the pain that the family would be going through," he added. The couple was yesterday hacked to death allegedly by an upper caste man for refusing to part with a paltry Rs.15 so he could buy his daily fix of intoxicant. Bharat Nat (48) and his wife Mamta (45) were attacked with an axe by Ashok Misra when they refused to give him Rs.15 in Kurra area in Lakhmipur village early this morning. Confirming the incident, Mainpuri District Magistrate Pramod Gupta said, "Bharat and Mamta, who were labourers, died on the spot after the accused, Ashok Mishra, attacked them with an axe. According to villagers, the matter was concerning Rs. 15 that led to a argument and resulted in the killings. The accused has been arrested and stringent action will be taken against him." According to Bharat's mother, the couple had left home in the morning for sowing paddy, but they were stopped by the shopkeeper who asked them to payback his money that led to an argument between them. In the fit of rage, Ashok allegedly attacked them with an axe and they died on the spot. The Mainpuri Police have arrested the accused and started inquest proceeding. (ANI)