Manappuram Finance heist: Gurugram Police arrests four, recovers 30kg gold

| Updated: Feb 12, 2017 14:30 IST

Gurugram (Haryana) [India], Feb. 12 (ANI): The Gurugram Police on Saturday cracked down the day light heist at the Mannappuram gold loan branch at new railway road. Out of the seven robbers indulged in the incident, four have been arrested and 30 kg of gold looted from the office has been recovered by the police. "We have recovered most of the stolen property. The looted things are still missing and would be soon recovered and will try to unveil the entire conspiracy as early as possible," said Gurugram police Commissioner Sandeep Khirwar. Khirwar said that few amount of cash has been recovered and rest would be recovered soon, as few of the culprits has not been arrested yet. The police are looking for rest of the gang that robbed the gold and cash worth Rs. five lakh from the branch earlier on Thursday. "They carried out the recce few days bank to examine the security measures taken by the branch. We would apply for their police remand today and will further investigate the exact role of each of the individual involved in this crime," he said. Earlier on Thursday, the Gurugram Police had released a CCTV footage of the seven robbers who, allegedly looted gold and cash from the Mannappuram gold loan branch . They had also attacked a guard, Mukesh Kumar and a customer with knife, who was later admitted to the hospital with multiple stab wounds. They also sprayed foam on CCTV cameras to avoid being identified. (ANI)