Meet Padma awardee Ganatra who chases fire to protect people

| Updated: Jan 26, 2017 12:27 IST

Kolkata (West Bengal) [India], Jan. 26 (ANI): Among many unsung heroes who have been featured in the Padma Awards list and are to be conferred by President Pranab Mukherjee on Republic Day finds mention of one such hero who has always tried to protect people from fire related accidents. Meet Bipin Ganatra, an electrician from Kolkata, who is a volunteer fire fighter and is always on the lookout for fire related incidents. He has been doing this selfless act for four decades. "I have been doing this service for the last 40 years. Also, whenever I find any injured person I take him to hospital. Additionally, if I find a traffic jam I try to clear it," Ganatra told ANI. When he was 12 years old, he lost his elder brother in a fire accident. This made him take a pledge to come to the aid of people caught in a similar situation. "His (brother) death had a great impact on me personally and whenever I see a fire brigade I quickly run to aid them and it gradually became a motive of mine," he added. The sixty-year old doesn't sleep much as he is always glued towards the television, constantly looking for any fire related reports. "I started to indulge in all of these activities so that I do not fall prey to negative thoughts and always remain useful for the people," he added. Ganatra said he would be glad if people get inspired by this and start doing volunteer service. "I chose this path as mode of service because it was my fate and if four others are inspired by this act then it is good. But they should be self confident on their approach, otherwise if someone in the process gets injured then I would feel guilty for that," he added. Although being an electrician doesn't give him a handsome income, with the help of his friends, Ganatra tries to lead life in sustenance. "I am an electrician and my income is meager. But my friends lend me every now and then," he said. (ANI)