Prime Minister Narendra Modi during an event in Varanasi on Saturday. Photo/ANI
Prime Minister Narendra Modi during an event in Varanasi on Saturday. Photo/ANI

Modi calls those who doubt USD 5 trillion economy as professional pessimists

ANI | Updated: Jul 06, 2019 15:12 IST

Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh) [India], July 6 (ANI): Hailing his government's budget, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday slammed those who doubt India's capacity to achieve the target of USD 5 trillion in five years as "professional pessimists" and said it can be achieved with determination.
"We are very confident about achieving the goal of USD 5 trillion economy is the next five years but there are some people who raise questions on it. They ask what is the need of this and why it is being done. We can call these types of people professional pessimists," he said addressing 5,000 workers at an event to launch BJP's membership drive here.
Modi said that these "professional pessimists" keep grumbling about things but do not do anything to change them. "They have mastery in turning solutions into a problem. The country needs to be careful of these pessimists," he said.
The Prime Minister, however, said that he welcomed positive criticism of his ideas, schemes and plans to execute them. "The opinion of critics and analysts are important for us. But saying that something cannot be done or achieved is not good," he said.
He said, "New opportunities of development and dreams of New India are deeply linked with 5-trillion dollar economy (target). It is about doubling the Indian economy in the next five years. The target looks difficult but can be achieved with a firm determination. "
"What does USD 5 trillion economy mean? You all must know and tell people about it because there are some people who doubt on our will. They say we cannot achieve this target," he said.
Prime Minister read out a poem to enthuse BJP workers to work and spread awareness about the government's ambitious plan.
He said: "Wo jo samane mushkilon ka ambaar hai, usi se to mere haisalon ki meenar hai. Chunoutiyon ko dekh kar ghabrana kaisa, inhi me to chhipi sambhavana apaar hai (The mountain of challenges in front of me encourages me. Why shall we deter on seeing challeges? Thre are a lot of opportunities hidden in it)."
Modi cited the example of "bigger the cake, bigger the share" to highlight the benefits of a bigger economy to uplift the lives of the citizens.
"If a family's income is high, its members' income will also be high. If we look at the history of developed nations, they did not have a high per capita income earlier. But these countries witnessed a period when their per capita income jumped pushing them to the club of developed nations. India can also do it, especially when it is the youngest nation of the world," he said.
The prime minister said that his government has made provisions in the budget to make farming profitable and turn farmers into exporters.
"We have taken many decisions to ensure additional income for farmers. We look at farmers as potential exporters. The Budget has focused on making an environment to export farm products. We are trying to develop a cluster so that all government departments can make export easier," he said.
Modi also said the Centre was working expeditiously to exploit the opportunities in "blue economy", a reference to resources available in the sea.
"We are also focusing on making India a healthy, beautiful and clean country in order to make it a USD 5 trillion economy," he said.
Highlighting his government's scheme to provide housing for every citizen, he said Rs 100 lakh crore will be invested in infrastructure development.
Modi also said that his government was focusing on the export of defence and electronic equipment.
Backing the move to encourage adoption of electric vehicles as a clear mobility medium, he claimed that India can save over Rs 5 lakh crore by reducing petroleum imports per year.
"Establishment of an electronic fundraising platform, social stock exchange, has been announced in the budget on the lines of the Stock Exchange. NGOs could list themselves on it and raise fund as per their needs," Modi said.
Modi urged BJP workers to reach out every section of the society and to enlist people into the party.
Speaking at the programme earlier, BJP Working President J P Nadda gave credit to grassroots party workers, Modi's leadership and party President Amit Shah strategy to beat anti-incumbency to storm back to power with a bigger mandate in the general elections.
He also urged BJP activists to work religiously to strengthen the party on booth-level. (ANI)