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Congress MP Rahul Gandhi speaking at a public rally in Wardha on Tuesday. Photo/ANI
Congress MP Rahul Gandhi speaking at a public rally in Wardha on Tuesday. Photo/ANI

Modi ended all schemes aimed to benefit poor: Rahul

ANI | Updated: Oct 15, 2019 19:07 IST

Wardha (Maharashtra) [India], October 15 (ANI): Launching an attack on Centre over the prevailing economic situation in the country, Congress Member of Parliament Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday accused the Centre of weakening government schemes aimed at alleviating poverty.
"When Modi came in 2014, every scheme which gave money to the poor, he finished them one by one. Be it MGNREGA or weakening legislations like food security act and land acquisition. And then he brought demonetisation," said Rahul Gandhi during an election rally in Wardha.
Attacking Prime Minister Modi on demonetisation, he said, "He lied to you that it was a fight against black money. Did you see Vijay Mallya or Nirav Modi in lines outside banks? Instead, the aim was to take money out of your pocket and give it to 15 richest people of India."
"It is quite straightforward. If you want to run the economy, you need to put money in the pockets of the poor. Until farmers, laborers, and youth do not have money to spend, the economy cannot be run," he added.
Rahul Gandhi also accused the Centre of distracting the masses from core economics issues.
"They will take your attention towards meeting with the Chinese president, Houston (Howdy Modi), Article 370 and Kashmir but the Prime Minister never speaks on droughts, unemployment, farmer suicides. The reason is that Narendra Modi is the loudspeaker of Adani and Ambani," he said.
"Our nation is being divided by them by pitting one religion against another and spreading hate through controversial statements. India only moves ahead when everyone is united. But they want to divide you all, take your money and give it to select few."
Ahead of the assembly polls, Gandhi described Maharashtra as the 'heart of the country' and said, "People from different areas come to Mumbai and Maharastra because it is the heart of the country. You all have to show that we will not be divided and Narendra Modi cannot fool us."
"The purpose of the government is always to serve the farmers, poor and the youth. I assure you that the Maharashtra-NCP government will be the government of the poor," he added. (ANI)