Modi Govt. should avoid foreign policy flip flops, says JD (U)

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

New Delhi [India], Sept. 17 (ANI): The Janata Dal (United) on Saturday said that the NDA government should avoid foreign policy flip flops, adding that it should formulate the next steps carefully so that it is part of a strategically thought out framework. Commenting on Baloch Republican Party founder Brahamdagh Bugti's remark that he would consider requesting India for asylum, JD (U) leader Pawan Verma said these are the areas where the foreign policy of Prime Minister Narendra Modi formulation occasionally faults itself. "It is one thing to raise human right violations in particular in Pakistan occupied Kashmir, we have a legitimate right to do it," Verma told ANI. "I would request the External Affairs Ministry and the Modi Government to formulate the next steps carefully, so that it is part of a strategically thought out framework, rather than being impulsive or ad-hoc, because then it becomes one step forward and two steps backward. We should try and avoid the flip flops in foreign policy, especially vis-a-vis Pakistan and in our region that we have seen in the past," he added. Bugti yesterday clarified that he has not made a formal request to India for asylum, but added that if does get the opportunity in the future, he would certainly consider it. He said that the request would be made formally after discussing the issue within the party on September 19. On being asked about why he is seeking asylum in India, Bugti said, "India is our neighboring country. In Europe, even if a government or the immigration department knows the problem, the people don't. But in India, the people know about our problems, we will have their support. We share the same culture. We will be closer to our people and our people can easily seek asylum there, and it is easier for them to reach there with their families." Baloch activists and leaders have continuously maintained that Pakistan is involved in the genocide of the Baloch people and that human rights violations are rampant in the region there. (ANI)