Molestation shame: Seething women activists slam lax politicians

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

New Delhi [India], Jan. 6 (ANI): The recent string of molestation cases from across the nation coming to light has left the people of the country enraged, especially women activists who have strongly slammed political fraternity for their lax attitude towards women safety and have voiced everybody's opinion of making laws stricter and stringent. Activist Barkha Shukla expressed shock over Delhi molestation incident with it happening where the Prime Minister and the President reside, and called the incident shameful. "It is very unfortunate and shameful that such things are happening in Delhi, the capital of India, where the Prime Minister and President live. Such incidents happening Delhi on New Year's Eve puts a question on law and safety. Where are the police? Where is the Chief Minister who promises safety and security to women after the Nirbhaya incident?" Shukla told ANI. "We vote for them, but when we are in trouble they forget us. It is very shameful. The Central government and Kejriwal ji should get the matter investigated and punish the guilty," she added. Echoing the same opinion on the Delhi molestation incident that took place on the New Year's Eve, women activist Abha Singh said there is no fear of the law and that there is absolute breakdown of law and order in the national capital. "In the Delhi molestation incident, what is worrying is that the policemen who came to save the victim from being molested were beaten up by the crowd. This clearly shows that there is no fear of the law, there is no fear of the uniform. The brazen manner in which molesters and criminals are roaming on the road clearly shows the breakdown of law and order in Delhi, primarily because of the political fights between the Centre and the state," Singh told ANI. The horrific Baghpat incident, where a girl's ears were cut-off for resisting rape has also shaken people. Abha Singh bluntly held politicians responsible for criminalizing the state of Uttar Pradesh, calling the incident intolerable. "Baghpat incident is not tolerable at all. But, one is not surprised the way crime is taking place in Uttar Pradesh. This is a very serious offence," she said. "The politicians have criminalized the state. It is the molesters and the criminals who say they belong to a particular party and that is the reason they get political protection," she added. Calling it a state of emergency, Abha Singh pointed towards the faulty system which needs to be checked. With the Bengaluru mass molestation incident, where men groped and verbally abused women in the busy areas of M.G. road and Brigade road, hitting the headlines, a number of similar cases have also come to the fore. Bengaluru was shamed once again when A CCTV footage showing two scooter-borne men molesting a woman in Kammanahalli area on January 1 surfaced on social media. If this was not enough, in another gruesome incident in Uttar Pradesh's Baghpat, four persons allegedly attempting to rape a girl chopped off her ears as she repeatedly resisted against it. It's high time the government realizes the sensitivity and seriousness of the issue of women safety before public vent their ire in their own form. (ANI)