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More "worse" videos in offing if nothing is done, says Cong. MLA Nitesh Rane

| Updated: Jul 09, 2017 00:18 IST

Mumbai [Maharashtra], July 8 (ANI): After his video of flipping a fish on a government official in Mumbai went viral, Congress MLA Nitesh Rane on Saturday said that he lost his cool over the official's non-compliance to a 2016 government order, which protects traditional fishermen, adding that more "worse" videos would make headlines, if the said official fails to do his job. "There was a reason that I threw a fish at him. He was not doing his duty properly dispite being a public servant. Had he abided by a Maharashtra Government's order of Feb 2016 that lays down clear rules for traditional and modern fishermen, we wouldn't have resorted to this," Rane told ANI. "More videos, of even worse nature, will make headlines, if the official doesn't do his job," he added. Rane said the ignorance of such officers is threatening the livelihood of traditional fishermen, whose fishing areas are allegedly usurped by people who use modern methods. "If we are not going to stand with these fishermen, then their state would be similar to those farmers who commit suicide. Their livelihood is in crisis," he added. The Congress MLA came into limelight when, in a video clip, he was purportedly seen talking to the fisheries commissioner of Sindhudurg in his office packed with people on Thursday. It showed that during the meeting, the legislator suddenly lost his cool, picked up a fish which was dumped on the commissioner's table and threw it at him. (ANI)