Much awaited Jallikattu finally begins

| Updated: Jan 29, 2017 17:03 IST

Karungulam (Tamil Nadu) [India], Jan. 29 (ANI): Amidst heavy security, the much awaited bull taming sport Jallikattu began in Tamil Nadu's Karungulam on Sunday. Enthusiastic locals took part in the event and thousand others witnessed the festival as bulls made their entry into the sporting arena. The youth tried to hold on to the bull for a brief distance as the animals sped fast towards the exit. Joint Director of Animal Husbandry, Trichy, said the animals are very well taken care of with their thorough assessment and are treated by an efficient team of doctors. "The animals coming for Jallikattu are being registered in the first aid compartment and after that they are sent for examination. The team of doctors examines the animals for doping or any physical injuries. Only fit animals are allowed to participate in the sport. The injured animals are treated by the doctors while the injured ones are rejected," he added. Jallikattu, a sport which was restricted to certain parts of the state, is now transformed into a symbol of Tamil pride provoking the people's angst against a perceived suppression of their cultural identity. Last week, Chennai's Marina Beach was crowded with thousands displaying their sentiments and emotions attached with the bull-taming festival. They were fighting to keep their culture alive for the coming generations, displaying their collective strength. (ANI)