Mumbai: Zakir Naik to hold press conference 'via Skype' on Thursday

| Updated: Jul 13, 2016 01:15 IST

Mumbai, July 12 (ANI): Controversial Islamic preacher Zakir Naik who cancelled his return to India from Saudi Arabia after he came under scanner for allegedly inciting religious intolerance, will address a press conference via skype on July 14th in Mumbai. The presser will be held at 11:30 am at the World Trade Centre, Cuffe Parade in Mumbai and will also be addressed by other personalities. Naik was initially supposed to reach Mumbai from Saudi Arabia on Monday morning and address a press conference, but cancelled the return. Under flak from all quarters, Naik on Sunday said that he has been misquoted by the media as most of the clips shown on the television and his print statements are either out of context or doctored. Issuing a statement, Naik expressed shock at the 'media trial on him regarding the recent terrorist attack that took place in Dhaka.' "According to me, the media is the most important weapon in the world. It can convert a hero into villain or even a villain into a hero. I'm shocked at the media trial on me regarding the recent terrorist attack that took place in Dhaka Bangladesh on 1st July 2016. Most of the clips shown on the television of myself are either out of context, half statements or doctored. So are my statements in the print media," he said. Meanwhile, support has emerged from various quarters for Naik, as the Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) MP ET Mohammed Basheer categorically ruled out allegations that Naik was a terrorist, adding that he was being branded and hunted down without any proof. Speaking to ANI here, Basheer said Naik, who is a known personality across the globe, has not hidden any of his works and is complete transparent about his intentions. "He has written books published in many languages across the world. He has not hidden any of his works and they are all in the open. It is very clear according to our assessment that he is not instrumental in making any kind of terrorist activities in our country. So, I have categorically told on behalf of my party that he cannot be branded as a terrorist because his activities are crystal clear and transparent," he said. Following the Centre's tough stand on Zakir Naik's controversial comments on terrorism, nine teams from the National Intelligence Agency (NIA), the Intelligence Bureau (IB) and other agencies earlier began scanning the former's activities, while special teams scanned every footage of his speeches. Sources stated that Naik may be banned soon and the Centre has sought fresh legal opinion regarding the controversial preacher. The government is most likely gearing up to make a strong legal case against Naik. (ANI)