Naga Scholars Association holds talk on alternative politics- A new vision, a new path

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

By Chandrakala Choudhury New Delhi (India), August 26 (ANI): The Naga Scholars Association recently organized a special talk on the theme Alternative Politics: New Vision New path in JNU, New Delhi. The talk called upon various research scholars and teachers from the Northeast and other parts of the world to share their opinions and views on how Indian politics can be revived for a better future of the country and development of the northeast as a whole. Invitee speaker Professor Yogendra Yadav highlighted the importance of nationalism and respect for diverse cultures that can lead to the development of the country and help curb the problems in the northeast as well. During the brainstorming session discussion was held on how to bring the landlocked northeast into mainstream politics. Various Naga scholars expressed the view that north-eastern states suffer from militancy and violence and that it is high time to bring these problems to the limelight and promote peace and development. Scholars were of the view that somewhere or the other, the northeast has lost its identity and until and unless such ethnic communities are respected, collective nationalism of India cannot be strengthened. Lakpachui Siro, a Naga research, scholar said "For me respecting the diversities in the form of the aspirations that emanate from nationalism of various minority groups or cultural groups that exist, will strengthen the collective nationalism of India. If we allow or start respecting the nationalism of Naga's , success of the nagas or success of Nagas in the economy or various other aspects, can also invariably help other neighbouring states as well as the larger Indian population". Yadav pointed out that India is built on three pillars of democracy, diversity and development and these principles are now lost in the country. He said that the idea that the modern nation state can be built in a condition of diversity is India's contribution to the global world. When asked about what would be the solution to the problem of insurgency in northeast and how it could be handled in a better manner, Yadav replied, "if there is a protest in insurgency don't treat it as a law and order problem speak, converse, have negotiations, have dialogue find a mutual way forward and this has to be a way forward in Nagaland, Mizoram has already shown us that it is possible to reverse this tragedy and I see no reason why we cannot achieve this in Nagaland, in Manipur as well". "The Indian nation state experiment in the world failed in some parts of the north-east some parts of Nagaland Mizoram, and some parts of Manipur, it is not a failure of the idea of India it is the failure of the practice of that idea. Refusal to take this model to the northeast. We need to revive the idea, the idea that tells us that we must respect diversity if people in those parts of the country feel it is their land, there right, there customs, traditions ,way of living, respect it because India is not constituted by a smothering of identities, but it is constituted by respecting identities" he added. He observed that India is in need of energetic and imaginative politics that could bring together growth and development in north-eastern states. Commenting on Irom Sharmila's decision to break her 16 year long of fast, Yadav said "I salute Irom Sharmila for her absolutely courageous fast against an act. Sharmila was protesting for the idea of India. She was fasting to defend some of the most cherished ideas of the nation, I personally respect her decision to come and participate in electoral politics". "To continue the struggle, one changes the instrument and that she trusts the electoral process is a great vindication of Indian democracy. I, for one, would like to invite Irom Sharmila to join and lead the struggle for alternative politics in the north east". He added. The session was chaired by Professor.Aditya Mukherjee from JNU, a renowned historian. The President of Naga Scholars' Association, Dr.Zuchamo Yanthan, welcomed the participants and resource persons. The rapporteur of the session was Dr. Rembemo Odyuo, an academic councillor of IGNOU. The special talk ended with a vote of thanks was delivered by Lovitoli Zimo, vice president of NSA. (ANI)