NDA regime most insensitive government ever come to office: Congress

| Updated: Sep 11, 2016 00:27 IST

New Delhi [India], Sept. 10 (ANI): The Congress on Saturday described the BJP lead NDA government as one of the most insensitive regimes ever to occupy office after the Ministry of External Affairs announced plan to send Ministers to 68 countries where no minister has ever gone before. "This is a slap in the face of the common man, it is total insensitivity that on one the hand, you have widespread agrarian distress, you have migration taking place from the rural areas to the urban areas and your ministers are junketeering all over the country. This is the most insensitive government which possibly could have ever come to office," Manish Tewari told ANI. Tewari questioned as to whether the Prime Minister is serious about the people of the country, and added that in spite of paying attention to the agrarian districts of their own country, the government is busy in junketeering while their own countrymen are suffering. "These ministers, how many of the 600 districts have they visited in the last 27 months. If the Prime Minister is really concerned about the people of this country, should he have not sent them to visit the districts to see how much of an agrarian distress there is? See how much the policies of the NDA-BJP government have actually caused misery to the people of India?" he said. The Ministry of External Affairs yesterday, has drawn up a list of 68 countries that have not been visited by any political representative of the current government. The task of visiting these countries is being assigned to all the cabinet ministers and ministers of state with independent charge. The Ministry of External Affairs has been asked to these up with trips by December. Each minister has been allotted a minimum of two countries that they have to visit before the year ends. (ANI)