NHRC says it has disposed 111, 295 cases in last year

| Updated: Oct 21, 2016 21:31 IST

New Delhi [India], Oct.21 (ANI): National Human Rights Commission Chairman Justice H.L. Dattu on Friday said that the institution has disposed of 111, 295 cases, out of which 59,924 had to be dismissed in limini, as these were not in line with the provisions of the protection of the PHR Act between October, 2015 and September, 2016. Addressing media here, Justice Dattu said the NHRC had also during this period recommended monetary relief to the tune of Rs. 70, 93,000 in 380 cases. He revealed that the public authorities complying with the commission's recommendations paid Rs. 11,59,56,172 as monetary relief in 410 cases to the victims or their kin. These included cases of the previous year as well as the some cases wherein recommendations were made during 2015-2016. Justice Dattu said that the NHRC has always considered media as its equal partner in the promotion and protection of human rights. "The media has immensely helped in building awareness about human rights and the role of the NHRC. Media reports have been the basis of several suo motu cognizance that the commission took about the violations of human rights in the far flung areas of the country, which, otherwise, may not have come to the notice of the Commission. Therefore, it is our obvious pleasure to have media persons on board while celebrating the Foundation Day of the NHRC," he said. "Since the 12th October, 1993, the day of its foundation, the NHRC has come a long way by addressing several issues of human rights violations as well as giving inputs on key legislations impacting human rights. Whenever an issue of human rights violation comes to the notice of the NHRC, it has to take its cognizance without bothering for the permutation and combinations of electoral politics or caste and creed equations," said Justice Dattu. He added that over more than a lakh complaints being received in the commission indicated not only the increasing faith of the people in its functioning but also their awareness about the importance of promotion and protection of human rights. He said that since October, 2015 to September, 2016, the NHRC has registered 105,664 cases on the basis of complaints, intimation from Police and Prison authorities etc and on suo motu basis. The number of cases registered during the period on suo motu basis is 133. During the corresponding period in 2014-15 and 2013-14, it registered 117, 477 and 106,684 cases respectively. The onus is on governments in states and centre to ensure that the faith of the people in the NHRC is not shaken even by exception, when some of them choose to ignore its recommendations, not on the merits but merely on the ground that they are not bound under the Protection of Human Rights Act to accept them. This faith has become a reason for enhanced expectations, he said. (ANI)