NIT-Calicut restricts girls from roaming around with boys

| Updated: Nov 24, 2016 22:05 IST

Kozhikode (Kerala) [India], Nov. 24(ANI): Girls at the National Institute of Technology (NIT) here are being instructed not to roam around with boys inside the residential campus. A warning issued by the warden on Tuesday stated that, "Inmates of the ladies hostel and mega ladies hostel are strictly instructed not to roam with boy students inside the residential campus. We got lot of complaints in this regard. If any girl is found along with a boy student inside the residential campus, severe action will be taken against her, including suspension and expulsion from the hostel." "I think it's really atrocious to give such rules and especially in Kerala which has the highest literacy rate. I am completely against it. I feel that there is nothing wrong in roaming around with boys or talking to them," Tushara, a student told ANI. Another student, Tanvi said that it is shocking as it is normal to roam around with boys in a democratic country. "It's a narrow minded attitude towards girls roaming with boys. I am roaming with a boy that does not mean I am having something with that boy or he is my boyfriend. I think it's very normal, we roam around with people. We are living in a democratic country here. Coming this from Kerala is a bit shocking for me because it has the highest literacy in terms of females also." (ANI)