No need for "daddy" to make his presence, "children" are enough: BJP tells Oppn

| Updated: Nov 22, 2016 22:31 IST

New Delhi [India], Nov. 22 (ANI): With a united opposition clamoring for Prime Minister Narendra Modi's presence in Parliament to debate the demonetisation issue, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP Babul Supriyo on Tuesday said there is no need for "daddy" to be present when "his children" are enough to handle the situation. "Why does daddy (PM Modi) need to make his presence when his children (BJP MPs) are enough to handle?" Supriyo told ANI outside Parliament. Both the Houses were adjourned till tomorrow as uproar continued over the demonetisation issue with the opposition adamant on its demand for Prime Minister Modi's presence in the Parliament. Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) supremo Mayawati demanded that the Prime Minister should attend the House to listen to the discussion on the issue. Asserting that 90 percent of the people of the country are suffering due to the government's sudden move, she said that the present situation looked like financial emergency and demanded that the deceased should be adequately compensated. Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha, Ghulam Nabi Azad said, the opposition is ready for discussion provided the Prime Minister is present in the House. Following Prime Minister Narendra Modi's emotional address to Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) lawmakers here today over demonetisation, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi today questioned the former asking him what objection did he have in coming to the Parliament and facing the opposition. "Why can't the Prime Minister just come to the Parliament? He can speak on the television, at pop concerts but not in the Parliament?" he told the media here following an adjourned session. Earlier today, Prime Minister Modi asserted that the demonetisation of high value currency is just a beginning of his government's deep and continuous struggle against black money. Addressing the BJP parliamentary party meeting, the Prime Minister said that the decision is in the interest of poor and middle class, adding that his government is dedicated to eradicate the evils of black money and corruption which have affected people in the last 70 years. (ANI)