Nobel Prize exhibition in Ahmedabad attracts visitors

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

Ahmedabad (Gujarat)[India], Jan. 14(ANI): People from across age groups thronged the Nobel Prize exhibition, aimed at stimulating engagement in science, in Ahmedabad. Titled 'The Nobel Prize: Ideas Changing the World', the four-day exhibition tells the story of Novel Prize founder Alfred Nobel - a Swedish inventor and industrialist - and other Nobel laureates. On display at the exhibition are a number of objects and documents belonging to Nobel laureates. A student, Mahak Dalal, said the exhibition inspired her to be an inventor. "After seeing this I got a really very good idea about who was Alfred Nobel, what are the Nobel Prizes, what inventions have he done. And after seeing this I also got an inspiration (if) anyone can do it, why we can't?" asked Dalal. The exhibition will see nine Nobel laureates take part in conferences and round tables with experts and college students. "Basically this exhibition is an ideal platform to understand that how these ideas was (were) conceptualized and how the Nobel laureates got their research problems and how they get it executed and finally they got world acclaimed recognition. In this process, when a girl or boy or student, they have to see the exhibition, they get enough inspiration," said a scientist, Naruttam Sahu. Visitors digitally explored the life of Alfred Nobel and the history of the Nobel Prize through his will. They could translate the document, zoom-in on images, get additional facts and stories, and took interactive tours using TAG (Touch Art Gallery) technology. Divided into five parts, the exhibition will conclude on February 12.(ANI)