Northeast India Choral Competition brings togetherness in culture, music in Delhi

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

By Vangamla Salle K S New Delhi [India], Dec. 7 (ANI): Music knows no boundaries, religion and caste. And music is all around us. Likewise, sound, rhythm, tune are no strange to the people of northeast region. Looking at the early stage and the history, music played an important role in the region. Through music, stories of different time period can be identify and give the insightful stories of their way of living in olden days. And now many youngsters from the northeast region are picking up the rhythm and strive for their passion in music. Creating a platform for the music lovers, the fifth edition of the northeast India choral singing competition was recently held in the national capital, wherein 12 northeast churches from Delhi participated. The event based on the theme of 'Togetherness in culture and music', was organised by the Tangkhul Christian Charitable Trust. The event was graced by world women boxing champion and member of Rajya Sabha, MC Mary Kom. "It's quite nice to see the northeast community and society came and participate in choral competition and shared the platform. And, of course everyone is enjoying and showing their talents through performances. When I actually came and witnessed the live performances, I enjoyed a lot and really love the performances," said MC Mary Kom, World Women Boxing Champion and Member of Rajya Sabha. The event aimed to bring together all the northeast churches onto a single platform and share the fellowship through culture and music. "This is the 5th version of Northeast India Choral Competition. The basic purpose of organising this event is to bring together northeast churches and fellowships into one platform where we shared the fellowship through culture and music. This will help us to strengthen our fellowship one another and strengthen the churches of northeast, so that we can interact to the mainstream society and bring us oneness in the nation," added Dr. Yaruingam Awungshi, an organiser. The competition saw huge music lovers from the region as well as people from other parts of the country. Twelve churches and fellowships based in Delhi competed for the most coveted title giving their best performances. Attired with beautiful and colourful traditional costumes both men and women added glamour and glitters at the event. Apart from the competition, the event also saw live performances from well known music bands from the region. After giving excellent performances, Delhi Ao Baptist Church was adjudged the winner and awarded with a cash prize of Rs. 3 lakh. "It was amazing actually and I really had a good time practising for the last couple of weeks. And it gave me with an opportunity to mingle with my people from my community as well because cities like Delhi, everybody is busy with their own work, so we got an opportunity to gather together and worship together as well. So it was really amazing," added Yaden, one of the participants. "It was actually very great to be here especially the choir. It's for sure that they've displayed an amazing talent, so I am so glad to be here," said Venus from Philippines Such platforms help to identify the talents and skills of people and help the community and the society to understand the importance of oneness and togetherness of life. (ANI)