Northeast student community in Delhi bid farewell to Pegu

| Updated: Oct 01, 2016 18:59 IST

By: Vangamla Salle and Chandrakala Choudhary New Delhi [India], Oct.1 (ANI): Providing a good education to a daughter was a big dream and the proudest moment for the family when they sent her away to Delhi for further studies having admitted to Miranda College, one of the prestigious women's college in Delhi University. But that dream was cut it too short by a reckless drunk driver leading to the loss of 20-year-old Kayum Pegu from Assam and injury to three of her friends. To show the solidarity and heartfelt condolences to the grieving family and their love for their departed sister, Northeast Student Society of Delhi University (NESSDU) took out a silent candle vigil in the Delhi University Campus. At the solidarity programme, Miranda House College principal, Pratibha Jolly, staffers and students also took part with the family and friends of Pegu. "We are organizing this deep condolence programe to Kayum Krishna Pegu. Yes, she was our beloved sister, a dear friend to many of us but today, we the student of NESSDU in a special way, we would like to say 'Yes, Pegu, we love you, we missed you'. It is not only the voice that signifies how much we love her, it is the actions today where we have come out in large number, showing how we love her. And as a leader, today, in the future and in present, we are always with the family, always with the people of NE, always with the people of DU and particularly the students of Northeast," said Thang Lenmang Doungel, President, NESSDU. "It is quite saddening to learn when you know the sudden demise of a 20 year old girl who was studying in second year at Miranda House. Today, we are here to give solidarity to the very family, prayer to the Almighty to give strengths to the family during this very moment and to pray for her departed soul to be in peace in her heavenly abode, "said Dr. Santa Cruz, Nodal Officer for NE students, Delhi University. Many students and well wishers particularly from the northeast students' community came out and expressed their solidarity and seek for justice. The student union has also appealed to the concern authority, the government, and civil society and human rights activists to come forward and fight against the crime, to bring justice for the northeast community particularly for the family. "It will be very good on the part of the Uber Company, if they had been more humane towards the family. I am entirely blamed this incident to the Uber Company. I will say that Uber Company murdered our NE sister who was studying in DU, who might have become a very popular leader, a woman leader, a forth front leader leading a nation like Mary Kom and many other NE girl who've made India a proud nation. In spite of that, we were not treated properly and I blamed for this to Uber Company. And I am sure, not only the NE media but Medias from the entire nation will take up this issue and help us raising our voice for the justice, for the family, "added Savio, Former President of NESSDU and Secretary BJYM of Manipur. Further, he also says that, "we want the justice, and for the justice, the whole India is going to support us, the whole DU is going to support us and from my part, I assured that, Modi government will support for the justice". The student community have strongly voiced against the Uber Company for their insensitive attitude towards the family and for their inhumane act while dealing the situation. As per the reports, the driver who involved the razed road accident was granted bail and so far the authority have not taken any action or issue legal statements. "As far as I talked with the students and others who were there in the hospital, the driver was out of control, he was fully drunk and I am sorry, with such a grievous result, I just learned that the person has been given bail. This is a very sorry cut figure even if government has not taken any action towards it, we as a community and students fraternity from the NE DU, we are feeling sorry to the state of affairs of the action taken off, " added Dr. Santa Cruz, Nodal Officer for NE students, Delhi University. A strong message from the student community on the essence of life has also been sent out to one of the top cab companies of today's time, Uber Company and asked for a sit down dialogue to have an amicable solution. "We want to make sure that the people who have resources; the people who have the connections are not the only thing matters in this world but being humane at the end of day is one of the most important things to give out a message to one of the top cab companies in planet earth called Uber. I would like to pass out a strong message to the Uber Company that we would like to sit down together, have dialogue and communicate amicably for today and for the good of every one of us in the country," said Hashokmi Kamkara, Advisor, NESSDU. Pegu and her three friends were returning from Greater Noida to Delhi on the night of September 23 in an Uber cab after celebrating a friend's birthday. The students said that the cab driver was speeding the vehicle which resulted into accident rammed a truck. (ANI)