Northeast Students' Society organises annual sports meet in Delhi

| Updated: Mar 27, 2017 19:45 IST

New Delhi (India), Mar. 27 (ANI): Each year, Delhi receives many students from across the country as the city houses many prestigious educational institutions of the country. A large number of students from the north-eastern region take admission in the Delhi University for further studies. To celebrate life in diversity, the Northeast Students' Society, hosted an annual sports meet 2017 in the city. Delhi is a home for many irrespective of background, caste, race, religion as the city promotes the idea of an incredible India. For old and young alike from across the country, this land of opportunities offers a shifting paradigm to all. Likewise, many students from the north-east region find their niche in Delhi University, one of the prestigious education institutions of the country, for further studies. Apart from providing quality education, the university also offers various activities to students in order to enhance and improve personality development. Similarly, the Northeast Students' Society organized a three-day long annual sports meet at Kirori Mal College in Delhi, bringing all students from the region under one platform. "It's always a pleasure for us to host a football, volleyball, basketball and any games. Especially when it comes to northeast, we are the lovers of sports, we play all kinds of games and we have lots of tribal games as well. But we highlight major games like football, basketball, volleyball and badminton," said North East Students' Society,Delhi University (NESSDU) president Thang Lenmang Doungel. "So, we have around more than thousands of students coming here. We want physically and mentally fit students and we want them to learn and participate at the same time and feel the spirit of the game," he added. The three-day long affair promoted not only the culture of the region but also created a platform for all to experiment and feel the essence of sports. It also helps to understand one's caliber and pursue their passion and interest accordingly. "Sports itself is very important and good. Now, I think we should not just look at only books, mug up something from a textbook and try to become civil servants and so on. Very limited job opportunities are there, they must extend their minds in different kinds of profession and sports is one of them," said Dr Yaruingam Awungshi, Head, Department of African Studies, Delhi University. "In New York, sports ran the highest status as sportsmen and footballers are the highest earners in the Europe. I think our youngsters must emulate the spirit of sports and play well," he added. The meet truly showcased the love and passion of northeast people, especially the students, for sports and it highlighted all major games under single platform. The youngsters were seen engaging enthusiastically in playing football, volleyball, basketball and many other sports. The meet also organized Tombola game on the sidelines, which got all the participants hooked and brought smile on their faces. Over 50 colleges from the Delhi University participated in the sports meet, creating a new chapter in the history of Delhi University NE students' activities. "I love northeast area of this country. And the students from northeast, they are very disciplined and very sweet. Whenever they come to me ask about my ground, if it is holiday in the college or vacation, I always provide this field to them since the last 12 years. And this association is doing a wonderful job," said Pramod Shastri, Sports In-Charge, Kirori Mal College, Delhi University. "In my college, I have to build one soccer team and in this tournament, there's one college, Satyawati College. From this college, NE students brought out two teams and so this is their passion about sports," he added. Over the years, more and more students from the region have actively participated in college extra-curricular activities, bringing more awareness about the region to the rest of the country. "Basically, with my responsibility in the college as a nodal officer, I have started interacting with students and students are getting responses on many issues, like academics and sports. And nowadays, students have started organizing the northeast fest in the college. In the fest, lots of the cultural shows from the different NE states showcases the talents and cultural activities," said Dr Ramananda, Nodal Officer for NE Students, Kirori Mal College, Delhi University. Organizing such events and tournaments mould the students' confidence levels and also enable them build a stronger and firmer bonding with each other. (ANI)