Srikant Jena speaking to ANI
Srikant Jena speaking to ANI

Odisha Congress president is corrupt: Srikant Jena

ANI | Updated: Jan 23, 2019 23:25 IST

Bhubaneshwar (Odisha) [India], Jan 23 (ANI): Former Congress leader Srikant Jena on Wednesday accused the Odisha Congress president Niranjan Patnaik of being corrupt.
Speaking to ANI he said, "Earlier I had written letters to Rahul Gandhi and Jitendra Singh. The man who has been appointed as the president Niranjan Patnaik is corrupt by his own admission in the Odisha High Court. They have deposited Rs 600 crores to the Odisha government. I have been writing to Gandhi as this is not in the interest of the state and party."
Jena, who was recently expelled from the primary membership of the Congress, on January 21 accused party president Rahul Gandhi of surrendering himself before the Patnaik family and mining mafias in Odisha.
Jena has also claimed that he would expose Gandhi that the latter would "not be able to show his face in public".
"I am glad that I am relieved from the responsibility of remaining in the Congress party. I had written many letters to Rahul Gandhi asking whether he will stand with Patnaikbrothers and mining mafias or with the people of Odisha," Jena told a press conference.
Annoyed over his expulsion from the Congress, Jena said: "Rahul Gandhi chose to stand with mining mafias and Patnaik brothers. This is not expulsion, I had already written a letter requesting him to accept my proposition or else relieve me from the party. I wanted to expose him but he has exposed himself."
This came after Jena, along with former Koraput MLA Krushna Chandra Sagaria, was expelled from the primary membership of the Congress for alleged "anti-party activities".
Jena also claimed that Rahul had also decided that the Odisha should remain with the Patnaik family.
Continuing his tirade against the Congress president, Jena warned: "I will campaign everywhere and I will expose their secrets. This is just the beginning. On January 25, I will give certain facts. The full country will know what Rahul Gandhi is and what he is protecting." (ANI)