Odisha: Husband punished as wife doesn't cast vote in favour of Nayab Sarpanch candidate

| Updated: Jul 08, 2017 04:46 IST

Angul (Odisha) [India], July 07 (ANI): A man in Odisha's Ragudiapada village was was punished by a kangaroo court to beat a gong around 13 villages as his wife did not cast her vote in favour of a Nayab Sarpanch candidate. Dushyanta Sahu, husband of ward member Mallika Sahu, was spotted by some villagers while he was moving around the villages. "My wife is a member of No. 8 ward under Badakera panchayat. As she did not cast her vote in favour of Nayab sarpanch, I was asked to pay a fine of Rs. 50,000 or move around the 13 villages of the Panchayat admitting my mistake. This was decided in a meeting of villagers held in the Badakera Panchayat on Thursday. I am a poor man having no resources. I could not stand up against so many people so I am undergoing the punishment," Dushyanta said. Later, the villagers informed the police who rescued the man. The local police has filed a case against 52 villagers including the Gram Pradhan and the Secretary. (ANI)