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DSGPC President Harmeet Singh Kalka. (Photo/ANI)
DSGPC President Harmeet Singh Kalka. (Photo/ANI)

Opponents tried to stop election process, could see the huge mandate we got: Harmeet Singh Kalka

ANI | Updated: Jan 23, 2022 21:37 IST

New Delhi [India], January 23 (ANI): After being elected the new President of Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee (DSGMC), Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) leader Harmeet Singh Kalka alleged that the election process was disrupted from time to time by his opponents because they had sensed a huge mandate for his party in the polls.
"Elections were declared in April. They were postponed due to COVID-19 and were held in August. The election process was stopped on numerous occasions through visits to courts because our team had been given a huge mandate. Even Yesterday, when all the obstacles had stopped, the opposition tried to stop the election process once again because they did not have a majority. But nonetheless, the election process was completed."
Questioned on responsibilities as a President, he said that his responsibilities will only increase.
"I was working as a General Secretary. My team has experienced people. I think that various issues related on fronts like medical, education and promotion of religion will be tackled by a good team of youngsters," he added.

Kalka stressed that the results of the DSGPC should not be linked to Punjab elections in any way, adding that these elections are for a religious place and voters have different feelings as they come to exercise their right to vote.
"In Punjab elections, everyone will be guided by their selfishness and politicians will look out only for themselves. But here, the interests of the community as a whole are seen. There is a lot of difference," he added.
Harmeet Singh Kalka has been elected the president of the Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee on Saturday.
During the presidential election to Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee (DSGMC), members of the committee engaged in arguments, creating ruckus at the Rakab Ganj Gurdwara.
Earlier, during the polling, a member who was eligible to cast his vote allegedly revealed it publicly, following which the voting process was stopped. Kulwant Singh Bath, DSGMC Acting President said, "Guru Granth Sahib's sukhasan performed respectfully as 'Sangat' was perturbed too. It was already very late. We received calls, messages & videos. Deeming it my responsibility, I requested everyone, I thank them for accepting my request." (ANI)