Pak lacks respect for international conventions, says expert

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

Jammu (Jammu & Kashmir) [India], Nov. 23 (ANI): Defence expert Capt. (Retd.) Anil Gaur said Wednesday that Pakistan has shown its most condemnable side by mutilating the body of an Indian Army soldier in the Machil area of Jammu and Kashmir on Tuesday. "The act of mutilating a soldier's body is highly condemnable. This act shows the depravity of mind of the Pakistani soldier and the establishment as a whole," Gaur told ANI. "Geneva Convention is there which governs how a soldier's body is to be treated and honoured, and how a soldier is to be given his last rites. Pakistan by mutilating the soldier's body shows that it does not care for world conventions at all," he added. He said this incident should serve as an eye opener to world leaders. "They (Pakistan) are on a different wavelength and will keep on doing such actions," he said. Three soldiers were killed near north Kashmir's Machil sector in Kupwara district by Pakistani troops as both sides exchanged heavy firing along the Line of Control (LoC). The body of one of the soldiers was found tortured and mutilated. Reports said militants crossed over the Line of Control (LoC) under cover fire provided by Pakistan Army to commit this crime against all norms of humanity. The Army's Northern Command in a statement said that the Pakistani troops' action will be appropriately responded to. (ANI)