Pak requires rethink, talks and terror strikes can't run parallel

| Updated: Aug 16, 2016 19:09 IST

Mumbai, Aug. 16 (ANI): Samajwadi Party leader Abu Azmi on Tuesday urged Pakistan to seriously have a rethink over its policies, adding that talks and terror strikes on India can't go hand-in-hand. "Pakistan is inviting our foreign secretary for talks, but on other hand ISI terrorists are in filtering into Indian territory and causing unrest in Kashmir and other areas of the country. We are losing our soldiers in this. How can both the things take place together? Peace talks and attacks cannot go in a parallel stream," Azmi told ANI. He said Pakistan should stop spreading unrest in India. "If the Pakistan government is not able to handle the matter then a joint program should be made in which the militaries and the security forces of the both countries step in to terminate the terrorists," he added. "Kashmir belongs to India. This should be made very clear to the Pakistan and they should assure us that there is no interference in state matters. We don't want to interfere in the matters of Kashmir occupied by Pakistan. Terrorists should be monitored and knocked down so as to restore peace of the state," he said. On Monday Pakistan handed over a letter to India's High Commissioner Gautam Bambawale inviting the Indian Foreign Secretary S. Jaishankar for talks on Jammu and Kashmir. The invitation was extended at a time when bilateral ties between the two nations are not very good.(ANI)