Panaji: People join carnival with colourful pageantry

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

Panaji (Goa) [India], Feb 25 (ANI): Hundreds of revellers including locals and tourists thronged at the exciting annual Goa Carnival of fun and frolic on Saturday here. The four-day 'Viva Carnival 2017', which began today, will see a blend of food, music and dance. The carnival was declared open by 'King Momo' who led the float parade through the streets of Panaji city amid huge crowds. King Momo, or the king of Chaos, is the prime character of this extravaganza. The word Momo is derived from the Greek god Momus, the god of satire. People in the parade got a glimpse of Goan culture and tradition and were spellbound by float parade, accompanied by dance performances. "My experience of carnival is always fun. I mean I am really enjoying it thoroughly. So many beautiful carnivals, so many lovely colours. I specially look forward to see Portugese King Momo and his float and all the others. I am having so much fun, the party is just getting started," said Joan, a local. Large tableaux with numerous floats that depicted environment, music, culture, traditions of Goa saw young and old, enjoying themselves and having a fun-filled experience by dancing to the pulsating beats from Goan bands. Avi, a teacher from Delhi who has been residing in Goa, said that he was impressed with the tableaux which spread awareness on social issues. "It's good, it's pleasant and something different and it's very vibrant. I have been in Goa for four years but this is the first time I am coming to experience the carnival. I see that they are coming with lot of issues related to society. I saw Reserve Bank of India, then I saw 'stop female infanticide' and then I saw other things. It's a good of showcasing people, like certain things about the society and like creating awareness. So far it's good. I am enjoying," she said. Foreign tourists, as well as domestic tourists, participated while merry making; wore colourful clothes, wigs and masks to remember state's Portuguese legacy once ruled by the Iberians. Goa offers subcontinent's only carnival due to the strong influence of the Portuguese, who ruled over the state for five hundred years. (ANI)