Former senior Congress leader PC Chacko speaking to ANI on Wednesday. (Photo/ANI)
Former senior Congress leader PC Chacko speaking to ANI on Wednesday. (Photo/ANI)

PC Chacko appointed Kerala NCP chief by Sharad Pawar

ANI | Updated: May 20, 2021 01:05 IST

Kochi (Kerala) [India], May 20 (ANI): Former senior Congress leader PC Chacko was appointed as the Nationalist Congress Party's (NCP) new Kerala president by party supremo Sharad Pawar on Wednesday.
Speaking to ANI, Chacko thanked Sharad Pawar for the decision and said that he will assume charge from tomorrow at Thiruvananthapuram.
"Yesterday Praful Patel told me that this is the decision that has been conveyed by Sharad Pawar. Today they announced this in Mumbai. I want to thank Sharad Pawar for this decision. I will take responsibility as a president. I am quite happy with the present assignment," said Chacko.
Speaking about the coalition in Kerala, he said that strengthening LDF is important as NCP is still in a coalition with LDF in the state.
"Everyday i am getting half a dozen phone calls. All from ex-MLAs, ex-office bearers, ex-PCC office-bearers. So many people are going to join in the NCP in the coming days," said Chacko.

Taking a dig at the national leadership of Congress, Chacko said, "Congress is failing in its duty as a national opposition. Having seen the functioning of the Congress from inside, only these three individuals matter, and that too there is no elected person for Congress from one and a half years. A president is on sick leave. So the Congress party is failing organisationally and failing nationally in facing the BJP."
"What India needs today is an emerging opposition or opposition unity to fight BJP. I find that NCP can be a better option," he added.
He also accused Congress of focusing on personalities than ideology.
"Congress is not conducting its affairs properly. Unfortunately, more than ideology, personalities matter more in Congress. There it was two groups led by two people. They never care for quality and merit. Congress is going down day by day. Again today it is in a bad shape. Congress's fight is unending. That is a good opportunity for NCP to work up."
While on Sharad Pawar being appointed as the UPA Chairperson, Chacko said that Pawar is more deserving for that.
In a setback to Congress ahead of Kerala Assembly polls, PC Chacko announced his resignation from the party on March 10 and said that there is "groupism" practised by top leaders of Congress. After that Chacko joined the NCP on March 16. (ANI)