People still reeling from cash crunch post-demonetisation: Congress

| Updated: Dec 26, 2016 14:14 IST

New Delhi [India], Dec. 26 (ANI): As the deadline for demonetisation nears, the Congress has maintained that the general public continues to reel from a cash crunch. "The 50 days time will also pass, but there is no hope that the problems and difficulties of the people will ease," Congress leader Meem Afzal told ANI. Afzal said that it has been proved now that there was no power or strength in the decision of demonetisation made by the Prime Minister. He accused Narendra Modi of taking a u-turn, saying that the prime minister said that the problem will start reducing after 50 days. "Our statements have been proved right that this decision was not taken without proper planning or consideration," Afzal said. Responding to Prime Minister's claim that demonetisation has benefitted the poor, he said, "How can the prime minister claim this when the poor are standing in line without any money and still not getting their money. The poor persons money is still in the bank and their pockets are empty, but the rich have money in their back accounts as well as in their pockets and are still enjoying." (ANI)