Prime Minister Narendra Modi
Prime Minister Narendra Modi

PM Modi admits PDP alliance was a 'Mahamilawat'

ANI | Updated: Apr 19, 2019 23:22 IST

New Delhi [India], Apr 19 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday admitted that the alliance between the BJP and the PDP in Jammu and Kashmir was a ‘Mahamilawat,’ which “does not last very long.”
In an interview to Times Now Editors Navika Kumar and Rahul Shiv Shankar, Prime Minister Modi said that “the results in Jammu and Kashmir had thrown a fractured mandate. We had won the maximum number of seats but we were not in the position to form a government.”
The Prime Minister said that the BJP had said that ‘we are like oil and water,’ but the alliance was the need of the hour. “I agree to the fact that such mahamilawat (alliances) don’t last very long. It was the need of the hour and we went ahead with it,” Prime Minister Modi told in an interview to Times Now Editors Navika Kumar and Rahul Shiv Shankar.
Saying that developmental projects were given a priority so long as Mufti Mohammad Sayeed was there, Prime Minister Modi said: “Construction of roads, schools and hospitals picked pace. We too felt that if we could keep the other issues aside and focus on these issues. The work for the common people should not halt.”
“Unfortunately he passed away. Mehboobaji came to power. She was in a dilemma of sorts. A Governor’s Rule was imposed. She did not want to return to power. We went along with it. We thought that if a Governor’s Rule is imposed, there is going to be another kind of resistance across the nation. The house remained in suspended animation.”
Mehboobaji agreed after a couple of months. We went ahead with it again. The issue of Panchayat elections came up. We believed that if the state has to progress, it was imperative to give some powers to the panchayats. They will have to be given funds directly from the Centre. We would have to trust them with the responsibility of carrying out development work at their level. She was unwilling to give in,” he said.
Talking about the Armed Forces Special Protection Act (AFSPA), which the Congress has promised to review if voted to power, he said: “We follow the principles of Atal Bihari Vajpayee ji. Humanity, democracy, and Kashmiriyat! We are treading this path.”
“I am willing to walk the extra mile to provide them that but there will be no healing touch to separatists and terrorists. I will not let them be given that treatment and will only give them hitting touch.”
On the debate over Citizenship Bill, Prime Minister Modi said: “We spoke to BJP chief who said that it will not be limited to North-East. It will be implemented across India. He said that all the infiltrators will be marked and the process of sending them away will begin. Mamata Banerjee calls this an attempt to target Muslims.”
Talking about the ongoing Lok Sabha elections, he said: “It is significant to note that for the first time since Independence, the Congress is fighting from such a small number of seats. They do not even have candidates to field. They have been forced to hunt for allies and partners. This is a matter that the Indian media has missed.”
Regarding demonetisation, he said: “Those who lost their money, those who would sleep on stashes of cash, who would store sacks full of notes in their garages- you can't analyse demonetisation from their perspective. If you have to analyse it, you will have to look at it from the perspective of the poor, who worked hard, toiled all their life but did not see a thousand rupee note in their entire life.”
“Evaluate demonetisation from the point of view of that govt servant who rides a bicycle. When you see it from their point of view, you will realise the importance of the decision. The tears of those who lost their money haven't dried yet but there is a spark in the eyes of the poor,” he said.
When asked about his challengers in the Lok Sabha polls -- Rahul Gandhi or Mamata Banerjee or Akhilesh Yadav or Mayawati or Chandrababu Naidu – he said: “Modi's biggest challenger is Modi himself. I have always challenged myself all my life. I have always told him that how could he stop after doing just so much when he is capable of doing a lot more.”
When asked to comment on the Congress’ Nyuntam Aay Yojana (NYAY), Prime Minister Modi said: “I will never be in favour of running governments just to win elections. We run governments for the country, not for our party. This is our biggest strength. Whatever we do is for the country. Whatever we do is for the 130 crore people in the country. That is why, poor have been asking for years - that they are from the same society, we must listen to their problems too.”
Asked to comment on the party’s decision to field a terror accused Sadhvi Pragya Thakur to contest against Digvijaya Singh in Bhopal, he said: “When in 1984 Indira Gandhi died, her son said when a big tree falls the earth shakes. Thereafter, there were thousands of Sikhs who were massacred. Was it not terror? Was it not terror unleashed by a few people? Despite that he was made PM and the neutral media never asked a question like it is doing now.”
“A woman, a Sadhvi was tortured like this, no one raised a finger. I have lived in Gujarat; I understand the modus operandi of Congress. Like a film script, the Congress works to build a narrative. They will pick something; add something to it, adds a villain to the story to build a false script for propaganda. In Gujarat, whatever encounters used to take place, they would prepare a script accordingly. In Judge Loya case, he died a natural death but the same modus operandi was used to build a narrative that he was killed,” said Prime Minister Modi. (ANI)