PM Modi compares girl child with Sita, urges people to save, respect them

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) [India], Oct 11 (ANI): Drawing a parallel between Ravana and the existing social evils affecting women, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday urged people to respect daughters of the nation. Addressing a gathering at Aishbagh Ramleela Ground in Lucknow, Prime Minister comparing girl child with Sita, pitched to save them. "Women need to be respected and treated right, no matter what religion or background one comes from. Today is Girl Child Day too. We burn Ravana, who tortured Sita. Why can't we save Sita in our homes? Look at daughters of our nation who have made us proud," said Prime Minister Modi. "We differentiate between girl and boy. I don't know how many Sitas are being killed in wombs of their mothers," he added. The Prime Minister further took the opportunity to speak on the importance of cleanliness, education and development. "Filth, poverty and illiteracy are another form of Ravana, so let us burn them as well this year," said Prime Minister Modi. "We burn Ravana every year, what does it teach us? Every time we do that we should promise to kill Ravana within ourselves and the society," he added. The Prime Minister also urged people to put an end to the short coming within each of us. "We should strengthen our resolve of removing at least 10 shortcomings in ourselves when we burn Ravana's effigy this year," he said. (ANI)