PM Modi gives five mantras for strong momentum of intra-BRICS engagement

| Updated: Oct 16, 2016 21:20 IST

Panaji (Goa) [India], Oct. 16 (ANI): Speaking at the eighth BRICS Summit in Goa on Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi outlined five goals "for positive direction and strong momentum of intra-BRICS engagement" and stressed that "response to terrorism must be nothing less than comprehensive". Elucidating the first goal, the Prime Minister said, "The process of institution building in the BRICS must continue to remain a focus area, enabling flexibility and freedom. We look forward to a BRICS Credit Rating Agency, and speeding up Agriculture Research Centre, Railway Research Network and Sports Council." "Transform the quantum and quality of trade and investment linkages among BRICS," said Prime Minister Modi divulging the second goal, while adding: "We should set ourselves a target to double intra-BRICS to US Dollars five hundred billion by 2020." "Third, focus on key priorities of our economic transformations," Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) official spokesperson Vikas Swarup quoted the Prime Minister as saying. Outlining the fourth goal, Prime Minister Modi said, "Secure our societies. In the world we inhabit today, security and counter-terrorism cooperation are essential. Its reach is now global. It has grown more lethal and adept at the use of technology. Our response to terrorism must, therefore, be nothing less than comprehensive. And, we need to act both individually and collectively. Noting that selective approaches to terrorist individuals and organisations will not only be futile but also counter-productive, the Prime Minister said, "There must be no distinction based on artificial and self-serving grounds. Criminality should be the only basis for punitive action against the individuals and organisations responsible for carrying out terrorist acts." He stressed that terrorist funding, their weapons supply, training and political support must be systematically cut off. "In this respect, we need to deepen the security cooperation between our National Security Advisors. Early adoption of the draft Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism will be an expression of our resolve to fight this menace," he added. Outlining the fifth goal, the Prime Minister said, "Thriving people-to-people exchanges is the lifeblood of BRICS. "The BRICS Films Festival, Trade Fair, Tourism Convention, Sports Council, Football Tournament and other related activities will help in creating millions of young stakeholders that will ultimately carry our partnership forward," Swarup quoted Prime Minister Modi as saying. (ANI)