PM Modi hails fellow Indians for giving up LPG subsidy

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

New Delhi, [India], Sept 25 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi today hailed the people for supporting his call to give up their LPG Subsidy under the 'Give-it-Up' campaign to provide help to the needy. Prime Minister Modi in the 24th edition of his 'Mann ki Baat' programme congratulated people for giving up the LPG subsidies for the nation's welfare. "There is a special pleasure in giving, I observed this when I appealed people to give up LPG subsidy," said Prime Minister Modi. The Prime Minister had in his previous address highlighted an emotional letter written by an 84-year-old retired teacher, who gave up her subsidy. "I received a letter recently which touched my heart. A motherly lady of about 84 years of age who is a retired teacher wrote that letter to me. If she had not forbidden me from revealing her name, I from the core of my heart wanted to announce her name while talking to you," said Prime Minister Modi. "She wrote in her letter that after my appeal to the people to forego their cooking gas subsidy, she had given up her subsidy and then she even forgot about it. However, a few days ago a person on my behalf went to her and delivered a letter in which she was thanked for her giving up the subsidy. And, she has said that a letter from the Prime Minister was no less than a Padma Shree honour for her," he added. (ANI)