PM Modi more concerned about votes: Cong on 'cow vigilantes' row

| Updated: Aug 08, 2016 18:07 IST

New Delhi, Aug. 8 (ANI): The Congress Party on Monday cornered Prime Minister Narendra Modi over his fake ''gau rakshaks' assertion and alleged that this was a desperate attempt to ensure there is ample votes in his party's kitty. "The Prime Minister is looking for fake 'gau rakshaks', I am telling him where real cow slaughterers are. Why doesn't the Prime Minister take action against the Rajasthan Government? He is worried about his votes so he says "shoot me", why doesn't he show same concern over minorities in Jammu and Kashmir or Ranchi?" Congress leader Pramod Tiwari said in the Rajya Sabha. Pointing out at a report from Rajasthan, he criticised the government for indulging in politics over protection of cows. "He is concerned about Gujarat that is why he is making statements, otherwise he wouldn't have bothered," he added. Tiwari's statement came in the backdrop of Prime Minister Modi's remark that fake 'gau rakshaks' were attempting to create friction in the society. Prime Minister Modi yesterday issued a call to "stop attacking Dalits", saying "shoot me if you want, not Dalits", and asked the people to beware of "fake gau rakshaks" who "have a problem with the country's unity" and "only want to destroy society". Urging the state governments to initiate strong against such fake 'gau rakshaks', Prime Minister Modi yesterday requested the true cow devotes to be aware so that some elements do not misuse their name. "Politics of breaking the society is not good for the country and discrimination among human beings is not acceptable to us. Shanti, Ekta, Sadbhavana are central to the progress of the nation. We have to protect the marginalized and the Dalits. It is our duty," he said in Hyderabad. (ANI)