Congress leader Rahul Gandhi speaking at a public rally in Bihar's Darbhanga. Photo/ANI
Congress leader Rahul Gandhi speaking at a public rally in Bihar's Darbhanga. Photo/ANI

PM Modi, Nitish Kumar do not talk of issues of farmers, workers, small businesses: Rahul Gandhi at Darbhanga rally

ANI | Updated: Oct 28, 2020 19:54 IST

Darbhanga (Bihar) [India], October 28 (ANI): Congress MP Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday hit out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Bihar Chief Minister saying they do not talk of development and issues related to farmers, workers and small businessmen of Bihar.

Speaking at a public rally here, Rahul Gandhi said, "Prime Minister does not talk of employment, Nitish Kumar talks of bad things about Tejashwi's family while Modiji talks about my family. But the question of unemployment, the life of farmers and small businessmen is not spoken by Modiji and Nitishji. This poll is not about families of mine, or Nitish's, it is a poll for the future of the people of Bihar. Still, they are not speaking on the issues that the people of Bihar want to listen to." 

"What people got after giving 15 years to Nitish Ji and six years to Modiji. The youth of Bihar could not find jobs and moreover, they can't find jobs elsewhere because Modiji has finished employment in the whole country," he said.

The Congress leader also criticized Prime Minister on demonetization.

"When the note ban happened you were standing in queues. Did black money come back? No, it was given into to the hands of a few big industrialists," he said. 

Rahul Gandhi also said that lockdown was announced without giving much time to the migrant workers. "Without notice, the Prime Minister announced lockdown. The migrant workers traveled on an empty stomach to reach homes. There were deaths due to hunger and thirst instead of coronavirus."

"We asked Modiji and Nitishji to give them money, they (workers) are the backbone of the country. The government has not provided a rupee for their help. Instead, they waived off taxes of the friends business persons," the Congress leader said. 

He added, "Now we have reached a situation that the country cannot create jobs. This is the truth and you have to decide. This poll is for the future of Bihar. On one side there is Tejashwiji and on another side, there are Nitishji and Modji belonging to the past."

Voting began on 71 constituencies spread across 16 districts in the first phase of Bihar Assembly elections on Wednesday at 7 am. Polling for the second phase to take place on November 3 and for the third phase on November 7.

The results will be declared followed by counting of votes on November 10. (ANI)