Power of 'big' people have reduced post demonetisation: PM Modi

| Updated: Dec 25, 2016 02:21 IST

Pune (Maharashtra) [India], Dec. 24 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said the power of the 'big' people have reduced and and those perceived as 'small' has increased post the announcement of demonetisation. "After 8th November, the power of the 'big' people has reduced and the power of the poor and those perceived as 'small' has increased. There is time...follow the law. Return what belongs to the poor. There is no way to escape now. In this nation, the voice of 125 crore Indians will be heard. This voice cannot be subverted by a select few. I am not saying this for the sake of saying...I have started this battle with great courage," Prime Minister Modi said at the foundation stone laying ceremony of Pune Metro project (Phase 1). Asserting that India is urbanising at a very quick pace, the Prime Minister said it is essential to work in two directions. "First is to improve quality of life in villages and on the other hand, we need to think long term so that we can mitigate the challenges our urban areas are facing. The Government of India is actively working on the Rurban Mission. This caters to those places that are growing and urbanising quickly," he added. Prime Minister Modi said one must plan for the future as everything cannot be seen from a political point of view. "We must plan adequately for growth of our cities. The character and spirit of the village has to be preserved and at the same time we need to invigorate our villages with good facilities. The gains of the present are vital but we need systems that cater to the needs and aspirations of the future too," he added. The Prime Minister asserted that it is the government's endeavour to complete any project within the decided time frame. "Delayed projects do not help. The people need both highways and i-ways. There is need to establish optical fibre network for i-ways. Earlier infrastructure was only about roads, rail and airports. Now times have changed. We need to cater to people's expectations. We are working on gas grids, water grids, digital network, leveraging space technology, using technology to help farmers," he added. Prime Minister Modi further said that after November 8, the urban local bodies have seen a rise in their income. "This makes it possible to spend more resources of development. In this nation, everybody is equal before the law and everyone has to follow the law. If the evils of corruption and black money were removed earlier, I would not have had to take the decisions I took. The people who have the means, tend to break the law. But we have ensured that even they stand in queues," he added. Asserting that Pune is a city of learning, the Prime Minister said, "Can't this city take the lead in embracing online banking and exploring the facilities available? Those who haven't taken the decision have hampered the nation. I have saved the nation. Few people thought that by depositing black money, it would get converted into white. The money could not be converted from black to white...instead the faces became black." (ANI)