BJP general secretary Ram Madhav . Photo/ANI
BJP general secretary Ram Madhav . Photo/ANI

Pragya Thakur is apt challenger for Digvijay who promoted dubious 'saffron terror' idea : Ram Madhav

ANI | Updated: Apr 18, 2019 19:28 IST

New Delhi [India], Apr 18 (ANI): BJP general secretary Ram Madhav on Thursday said Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur, is the apt challenger for her opponent and senior Congress leader Digvijaya Singh, who promoted the "mischevious and dubious idea of saffron terror" in the country.
The BJP on Wednesday announced fielding Thakur, facing trial in the 2008 Malegaon blast case, from the Bhopal Lok Sabha seat. Congress has fielded Digvijaya Singh from the constituency.
Madhav, speaking to ANI, asserted that the accusation of "saffron or Hindu terror" was a creation of the previous United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government.
"The very accusation of saffron terror, Hindu terror was itself a creation of the UPA government. There was no such thing existing at that time and not even now. Some people were wrongfully jailed and false cases set up against them. The courts are looking into these. Nobody can question us on the constitutional validity of fielding a candidate who has allegations against her," Madhav said.
The BJP leader said the decision to field Sadhvi Pragya against Digvijaya was taken by the party's Madhya Pradesh unit.
"The decision was taken by the Madhya Pradesh unit. She is probably the right challenger for a person like Digvijaya who is largely responsible for propagating the dubious and mischievous idea of Hindu terror in this country. He needs a proper challenge that is why Pragya Thakur was fielded by the party," he said.
Attacking National Conference (NC) leader Omar Abdullah and People's Democratic Party (PDP) chief Mehbooba Mufti for objecting to Pragya Thakur's candidature, Madhav said, "There are certain laws that guide process for who can file nominations. The EC will continue to look into these matters and nobody can just go and ask for a person to be banned from contesting election."
"People like Mehbooba Mufti, have concerns only for terrorists and militants, not for citizens of the country. You can see how much she is bothered about how terrorists are treated. Such people's criticism has no meaning" the BJP's general secretary said.
Backing Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman's theory that Congress might be plotting with Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, Madhav said:"Better that Imran Khan keeps off Indian elections."
"Who will be the prime minister of India will be decided by the people of India. We are wise enough; we don't need advisers from across the border. When we come back to power, we know how to deal with our neighbours. We don't need advisers or suggestions from across the border," he said.
Sitharaman had told ANI that she believes that Khan’s statement on peace talks between the neighbours and resolution to the Kashmir issue would be possibility, if BJP is voted back to power, as merely a ploy by the Congress to oust Prime Minister Modi-led government.
Responding to a question on whether there is a deliberate attempt to politicise the country's armed forces, Madhav said, "We are doing so. It is the Opposition which is trying to gain political or electoral mileage by invoking the Balakot issue and raising doubts about our Army's actions.
"They are not questioning the government but the very credentials of the Army itself" Madhav said. (ANI)