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"Praja Gosa BJP Bharosa": BJP to organize 11000 public meetings in Telangana against KCR

ANI | Updated: Feb 04, 2023 18:30 IST

New Delhi [India], February 4 (ANI): With a view to take on the K Chandrashekar Rao government in poll-bound Telangana, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) will kickstart the outreach programme on a war footing by organizing 11,000 public meetings across the state within 15 days.
The party will begin the mass public outreach programme which has been named "Praja Gosa BJP Bharosa" and will start from February 10, sources said on Saturday.
Notably, the Telangana Assembly elections are scheduled to be held this year.
According to sources, the BJP will cover around 119 assembly constituencies during "Praja Gosa BJP Bharosa" campaign.
"Praja Gosa BJP Bharosa" BJP is going to hold 11000 meetings in Telangana, this will be a historic meeting as the party will be organizing such a programme for the first time in Telangana. This outreach programme will cover 119 assembly constituencies," said sources.
During the "Praja Gosa BJP Bharosa" campaign BJP will talk about the failure of the KCR government and welfare schemes being run by the Narendra Modi-led Central government for the people of Telangana.
"The BJP will talk about the failures of the KCR government i.e. its anti-people policies, corruption, parivarvaad, loot and other issues with the public. The party leaders will also publicise various development schemes undertaken by the Centre across the country and for the people of Telangana like medical, food and housing facilities," said sources.
Apart from this, the BJP will also inform people about the other schemes being run by the Centre and will also inform them how the Modi government is working in the interests of the people of the country and the people of Telangana.
The sources said that in the Modi government, about 80 crore people were given free food and about 80 crore were given medical facilities.
"Narendra Modi's government is working for the public interests while there is rampant corruption under KCR's government," added sources.
"There is a resentment among the public regarding the KCR government and in the upcoming elections, the BJP will make the people of Telangana aware of how Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao is misusing the public's trust," said sources.

An important source and a senior leader of the BJP said that BJP is the only option for the people of Telangana which is thinking in their interest and will work for them.
The BJP sources also called KCR a B team of Congress.
"Congress is part of KCR's B team. First, they will contest elections on their own ticket and later they will become a part of KCR," the sources added.
Earlier BJP's Praja Sangram Yatra was very successful in Telangana and now BJP is going to conduct "Praja Gosa BJP Bharosa ".
In the BJP's National Executive meeting which was held last month, Prime Minister Narendra Modi also appreciated the Praja Sangram Yatra of Telangana State President Sanjay Bandi and asked all the states to learn from his journey.
The Praja Sangram Yatra which took place in five phases covered 6 Lok Sabha constituencies, 11 Vidhan Sabha constituencies and 18 districts in 116 days.
9,776 people joined the website, while 42,940 missed calls were received for people to join.
Praja Sangram Yatra was conducted in 5 phases, the success rate of which was very high, which was informed by BJP State President Sanjay Bandi in the National Executive Meeting.
This is the reason why Prime Minister Modi has also asked all the states to learn from Bandi Sanjay's struggle and the positive results that have come after that.
Due to the yatra, massive anti-incumbency has been established against the KCR government.
The yatra has strengthened the organization at the grassroots level and people have realized that BJP is an alternative to TRS. The large public gatherings have increased the faith and enthusiasm of the people towards the BJP, especially in the villages. (ANI)