Priyanka Chopra to promote Assam's rich heritage in global market

| Updated: Dec 29, 2016 13:56 IST

Guwahati (Assam) [India], Dec. 29 (ANI): Assam, the land of the Red River and Blue Hills tucked away in the lap of nature, is known for its rich cultural heritage and has been a gateway to the entire northeast region. Blessed with a favourable climate and a rich biodiversity, the state has been home to the endangered one-horned rhino. Fed by the beautiful Brahmaputra River, the numerous wildlife sanctuaries and other notable destinations like the Kamakhya Temple, Majuli - the largest riverine island, the popular Shankardev Kalakshetra make the state an insight into a mystical land of nature and a journey to a paradise of unexplored destination. In recent times, the tourism sector of the state has been flourishing with both international and domestic tourists flocking in large numbers. Realising the tremendous tourism potential, the Ministry of Tourism has roped in Bollywood superstar Priyanka Chopra as its brand ambassador for two years with an aim to promote Assam as a global brand. Priyanka recently visited state capital Guwahati to address a meeting of international tour operators, where she was officially appointed as the Ambassador of Assam Tourism. Donning the famous Assamese 'Mekhela Chador' the actress also visited the Kamakhya temple to seek blessings of 'Maa Kamakhya' A huge crowd gathered to get a glimpse of the Bollywood diva in the Kamakhya temple atop Nilachal Hills. Expressing her immense love for the north east and especially Assam, Chopra said that she would show to the world how awesome the state is. "A lot of people asked me why I should be the brand ambassador of Assam, I told them that I was not born here, nor have lived here, but I am an Indian and so is every Assamese. I am extremely proud of this country and Assam is a huge part of that. I have a wonderful relationship with the north east over the years, the entire sister states, including Assam. I have visited here many a times," said the actress. Addressing the press in the international tour operators meeting, held in the city's Radisson Blue hotel, Priyanka said that she is committed to present the incredible diversity of Assam to the outside world. "There is so much essence in this state but we in India tend to forget about it and don't appreciate it. In abroad we do not even know about Assam and I wish I am able to introduce to the world the beauty, culture, and grace of Assam. I have always had a very wonderful welcome and really hope that along with whatever I do, I am able to show to the world how awesome Assam is," she said. She expressed her heartfelt gratitude to the Government of Assam for have chosen her as the tourism ambassador. When asked whether, apart from taking forward the state's tourism potential to the global market, she is looking forward to promote Assam as a filmmaking destination, she said why not. Later, she informed that the government is taking every possible step to make it happen in the right manner and promote Assam in the global market. The evening was also marked by a cultural evening where the famous Bihu dance performance left the audience and the star awestruck. Such an endeavour of the state government, to appoint Priyanka as the brand ambassador of Assam Tourism, will create an array of innovative ideas to make Assam stand out in the global arena. (ANI)